Fifty Shades Freed by E L James – review

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  • What’s Fifty Shades Freed about?

    The final in the best-selling trilogy by E L James, readers will get to reach the conclusion of Ana and Christian’s dramatic love story. Whilst the previous book opens in the midst of Christian and Ana’s break-up, this one opens in the last leg of their honeymoon. Now that they’re finally together, and it seems they have everything, love, power, wealth, high-flying careers, and a lifestyle many would dream of, it seems nothing can stand in their way. Until that is, when Christian goes missing and they discover that someone is threatening to destroy it all. But who would want to hurt the couple and why? Teamed with some unexpected news and an unexpected visit from the dreaded Mrs Robinson, this proves to be the most difficult test of Christian and Ana’s relationship so far. Could their marriage be on the rocks already? Will they ever get their happy ending? There’s only one way to find out…

    goodtoknow says:
    We couldn’t wait to get our hands on the final book in the Fifty Shades series, and although we wanted Christian and Ana to have a happy ending, we of course wanted some sparks to fly too! The book is a little bit slow going in some parts – there are some up and down arguments between Christian and Ana which are a bit repetitive of the ones in the previous books. But there are also some pretty exciting developments in other characters’ relationships too. Then, just when the book had lulled us into a false sense of security, we were suddenly on the edge of our seats as there’s a shocking twist that sees a vindictive character you’d nearly forgotten about go to desperate lengths to get even – and this time it’s personal. Overall, we were totally addicted to the Fifty Shades trilogy – where are we going to get our Christian Grey fix from now? Bring on the film, we say!

    Rating: 7/10

    Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd
    Publish Date: Out now
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