First Dates viewers left in tears as inspirational contestant reveals terminal cancer diagnosis

We can all take inspiration from Annie...

(Image credit: Dave King)

First Dates viewers were left amazed and inspired by contestant Annie's amazing outlook on her terminal cancer diagnosis, voicing their heartbreak on Twitter.

Annie and Barry were matched on First Dates, the televised and beloved blind-dating show. During their dinner date, Annie nervously brought the topic of her illness up by asking Barrie if he smoked.

'I had to quit recently... it was killing me, slowly,' Annie told him.

'Well, that's not gonna kill me - it'll be something else,' she continued.

'Well, we're all going to die eventually,' replied Barry, not understanding what she was getting at.

'Some sooner than others, unfortunately,' Annie said. 'I'm not very well.'

After breaking into nervous laughter, Annie told her date, 'I'm actually dying. Slowly, but surely.

'I've got incurable cancer. I'm fine about it, it's just one of those things that happens in life.

'I could be here for a long time, but I might not be.'

Barry was visibly taken aback by her positivity. 'That's kind of got me a little bit,' he said sadly.

'I'm completely bowled over by your positive attitude - it's fantastic.'

Annie, 33, is going through secondary breast cancer, which has now spread to her bones.

After revealing that the hardest part of her illness was not knowing how long she has left, Annie said she has a bucket list that she's started completing.

'I'd never had a taco, but now I've had a taco!' she said with a laugh. 'I've been to Paris - that was a big one.

'I'm doing all sorts of things, so I'm living my life. The only thing I've got control over is how I live with it.'

Even though Barry and Annie got on really well and shared a few jokes, Annie chose not to see Barry again for a second date.

However, Channel 4 shared an update on the pair's shared love of motorbikes:

Viewers of the show flocked to Twitter in praise of Annie after her bravery left them completely emotional.

'Heartbroken for Annie! 😢 she's an absolute inspiration though!! Better to live love and laugh as you can,' wrote one user.

'Annie's attitude is amazing! Most of us sit and whinge about small stuff, she puts us to shame👍🏻. What a woman she is!' said another.

'Watching #FirstDates & I'm completely bowled over by Annie. Such a strong lady Truly amazing & inspirational. Good on you, you go girl!'

You're an inspiration to us all, Annie!


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