'The best thing I've ever done' - Gail Porter reveals breast reduction after battle with anorexia and cancer scare

Gail has no regrets about the procedure

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Gail Porter has spoken out about how she 'always' hated her boobs, which has resulted in her having breast reduction surgery to drop 11 entire cup sizes.

The star's more than happy with her decision, and revealed to the Sun how having larger breasts has always affected her life for the worse.

The model and mum-of-one first rose to fame back in the 90s when FHM projected a photo of her naked body onto the Houses of Parliament as part of a publicity stunt.

It was her curvy figure that propelled her fame as a lads' mag favourite. However, she revealed that at the time, she was a 30DD, and was never happy with her bra size.

'I always hated my massive breasts,' she said. 'When they were projected on the Houses of Parliament I still had no body confidence.'

Her feelings about her breasts even led to her developing an eating disorder to try and reduce their size.

'I resorted to the point of anorexia just to get rid of them, but they wouldn't go. If I put on weight it went straight to my breasts.'

Gail lived on a diet of cucumber and grapes to try and shrink herself down, and weighed less than 6-and-a-half stone at one point.

Two months ago, the 45 year old underwent breast reduction surgery and lost 8 whole pounds of weight from her chest, saying 'it's the best thing I've ever done.'

After years of battling with herself, Gail organised the breast reduction surgery after a scare with cancer pushed her to it.

'In 2008 I had a routine check-up for my boobs. I have them checked every so often because I have a family history of problems.

'Usually it's pretty routine but this time they found a few lumps and took a biopsy. Waiting for those results was the scariest two weeks of my life.'

'I was a mess with worry but thankfully the lumps were benign. It made my mind up to get the surgery. I was going to get the lumps removed so I might as well get the reduction.'

Gail also said that at her first consultation with her doctor, it became clear that her breasts were bringing on a lot of physical pain.

'My boobs popped down and slapped on to my stomach. He [the doctor] must have been quite shocked but he was so professional.

'He told me they were completely out of proportion with my body and he could tell they were causing me pain.'

Gail also pushed aside society's love for larger breasts, saying that they made her life really difficult, and even affected her posture and health.

'People think it's great to have big boobs but I've struggled with them all my life. My boobs were so big on my tiny frame that my back had actually started to curve.'

'When I took my bra off, my boobs would fall down to my knees and clap together. Now they stand up on their own.'

We're glad that Gail's decision has made her feel happier about herself!


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