The first Undateables wedding has happened!

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  • The world can be a bit of a miserable place sometimes, so it’s nice to know that good things are happening out there.

    We’ve found our favourite recent good news stories to help restore everyone’s faith in humanity.

    Prepare to be heart-warmed!

    The first Undateables wedding

    The Undateables has got to be one of our favourite shows on TV.

    The Channel 4 show – which follows the story of people with disabilities and medical conditions searching for love – has had it’s first wedding!

    Viewers first saw Brent Zillwood, who has Tourette’s, struggle to overcome his condition to go on a date with model Challis Orme. Despite his initial worries, the pair soon hit it off and 6 months after their first date, Brent took her back to the same Exeter pub to propose.

    The pair, who married in Las Vegas, broke the news to a national newspaper – to the delight of millions of Undateables fans across the country.

    ‘I had forgotten what it was like to be in relationship when I met Challis. Meeting her was special,’ he told The Mirror. ‘I loved the fact she enjoyed the whole Tourette’s thing which means I can let it out. If I did twitch she just laughed and it kind of worked for me this time.’

    Challis also revealed the romantic way he popped the question.

    “We went back to the pub in Exeter where we first met during filming.” she said.

    “Brent went to the toilet and a waiter gave me a scrapbook with all our memories of our relationship in it and a picture Brent had made.

    “I was in tears as it was such a lovely present and when I got the final page halfway down he’d written, ‘What happens next depends on how you answer my next question’. And then when he came back to the table he asked me to marry him. I said ‘yes’.”

    So romantic – we love a wedding!

    More of our favourite good news stories…

    This is Budi, and his story is about to melt your heart

    Little Budi had a tough start in life. Found as an infant and kept as a pet by a lady who kept him in a small cage, he was fed nothing but condensed milk – sadly, not the recommended diet or space requirement for active baby monkeys. Unsurprisingly, by the time he reached 10 months he ended up extremely ill and seriously malnourished, and was handed over the authorities.

    Thankfully, he’s now being nursed back to health at an animal rescue centre in Indonesia.

    Whilst he still has a lot of health issues, Budi is showing remarkable strength and fighting every step of the way. Speaking to the Mail Online, head of Budi’s care team Karmele L Sanchez said:

    “I would like to reassure you that Budi’s life is no longer in danger but he is still very weak and it is too early to say what long term damage he may have suffered during his months of starvation and captivity. The treatment and care he receives in the months ahead are going to be critical to Budi’s future.”

    “In spite of all he has suffered, he is fighting very hard to survive. It’s remarkable that such a small, vulnerable creature can show so much spirit and a strong will to live.”

    It’ll be a long road to recovery, but it looks like the team are doing a great job of rebuilding Budi’s trust in humans again, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that he gets stronger and healthier every day – good luck little guy!

    The special meaning behind this Christmas card that will make you emotional

    Photo credit: Lee Houghton’s Twitter

    Lee Houghton has been buying a homeless man a Pret a Manger coffee and croissant every morning for four months now.

    Passing Simon, his local Big Issue seller, on the way into his work as a Business Analyst in Norwich, Lee has been stopping to chat and to buy him a coffee and the pair have stedily become friends. Simon surprised Lee with this thoughtful Christmas card to say thank you.

    Lee told the Mirror: ‘It’s nice to talk, he hasn’t got many friends. It makes me feel good to do that, and just have a chat with him.

    ‘He looked a bit cold when I first saw him, so I asked him if he wanted coffee.

    ‘Simon has nowhere to live, so he’s sleeping on the streets, which pulls on the heartstrings.

    ‘He does currently have a job as a Big Issue seller, but he’s had a rough childhood, he said he was trying to hold down a job he was offered, but he doesn’t have any education so he got let go.’

    Both Pret and The Mirror are helping Lee keep up the good work by paying for some of his and Simon’s coffees throughout the Christmas period and with Pret giving him a gift voucher.

    Lee tweeted the picture of his Christmas card from Simon, saying: ‘I buy the homeless man a @pret everyday and I was surprised to receive a Christmas card this morning. #overwhelmed.’

    We hope Lee keeps up the good work and it’s a reminder to all of us that it’s nice to be nice. That’s our heart well and truely warm.

    This man recieved 30,000 birthday cards for his 30th birthday

    Photo credit: Lucien Parisseaux’s Facebook

    Thousands of people helped make Manuel Parisseaux’s birthday extra special this year by sending him 30,000 birthday cards to make his 30th birthday.

    Manuel, who has Down’s syndrome, loves receiving post so his mother Jacqueline thought she would ask friends and family on Facebook to send their birthday greetings in paper form to Manuel this year.

    Jacqueline and her husband Lucien, who live in Calais, northern France, posted a message, saying: ‘He has Down’s syndrome. I’m writing to ask you to take a couple of minutes to send him a little card and to pass this information on to your friends so the chain doesn’t get broken…I thank you all in advance for your gesture, which will make my Manu so happy.’

    Neither she or Manuel were prepared for the response, which saw truck-loads of cards delivered, so many that the family reportedly had to start storing the cards in their neighbour’s garage as they couldn’t fit them all in their house!

    Cakes, gifts, children’s drawings and cards have been sent from across the whole world, from as far and wide as Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and the US.

    ‘I don’t understand why it got so big. Manuel is like us, he is moved to tears,’ Jacqueline told the to French newspaper La Voix du Nord. ‘We are surprised by this outpouring of generosity and messages of support and kindness. The world is not indifferent after all.’

    This woman has never seen the sea before and you are going to love her reaction

    Meet Ruby Holt. Ruby is 100 years old and has never seen the sea before, having raised four children on a cotton picking farm in Tennesse.

    Ruby mentioned to her care workers that she had always hoped to see the sea one day and that she had heard it was beautiful. Her care workers from her assisted living centre applied to a charity which grants elderly people’s wishes.

    With the charity’s help, Ruby was taken to the beach for the first time and her reaction is just lovely.

    Dr. Who’s very special message

    Nine-year-old Thomas Goodall, from Southampton was devastated after losing his grandma in October.

    The young Dr. Who fan, who has autism, had written to the doctor, Peter Capaldi, and was delighted when he received the message from his favourite TV star.

    His dad Ross was quoted by the BBC as saying: ‘He was beaming from ear to ear and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.’

    Ross said it was the first time his son had smiled since his grandma’s death.

    The video has already racked up nearly 800,000 views YouTube in the four days since it was shared.

    What a lovely bloke!

    Two little fairies make Twitter wishes come true

    Two magical little fairies are granting wishes up and down the country, using Twitter to spread the joy of giving.

    The mysterious Twitter account says nothing about who is behind the lovely idea but Tweets riddles and poems regularly to keep followers up to date with their movements.

    A series of tweets from the fairies kicked of the Twitter account, telling followers that they wouldn’t believe their eyes once they found out what they were going to be up to. A couple of days later people started reporting gifts having been mysteriously delivered in response to their wishes made on Twitter.

    One of the pixie pair’s most elaborate stunts has been to bring snow to a primary school at one of England’s most southerly points. Some of the children at Landewednack primary school in Cornwall had never seen snow before and were able to make snowballs and snowmen while enjoying the uncharacteristically cold snap!

    It appears as though the fairies are making their way north, so get your wishes in quick, before it’s too late!

    Nine year old boy made police officer in America

    Photo credit: Aurora Police Department’s Twitter

    This is the kind of story that makes us feel warm inside. Nine year old Gabriel Santistevan, who has been battling brain and spinal cancer for 14 months has been made an honorary police officer.

    The Aurora Police Department in Colorado swore Gabriel into their force as an honorary member to fulfill one of the nine-year-old boy’s dreams. Apparently Gabriel arrived in style, flanked by a police escort and in a stretch limo – pretty fancy Gabriel!

    Two legged puppy given new lease of life, with wheels!

    Photo credit: Turbo Roo’s Facebook

    This miniature Chihuahua called Turbo Roo was born without any front limbs. At first he was put down as a hopeless case, but the gang at Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis had other ideas.

    The vet staff at the clinic built a tiny little mobility aid for Turbo Roo, crafted out of toy parts. They’ve even continued to develop the device as Turbo Roo grows. And that is our faith in human kindness restored.

    Blind man’s request goes viral

    Photo credit: Dec Munro’s Twitter 

    Andrew Bailey loved reading until he lost his sight fifteen years ago. Ever since he has felt a ‘huge empty space’ in his life and appealed to public to fill that space.

    Andrew, 34, asked his carer to pop up a dictated note in Foyle’s Bookshop in South Bank, London.

    The note hadn’t had much response until Dec Munro spotted the note and tweeted a picture of it. It now has well over 15,000 retweets and according to the BBC, Andrew has had dozens of offers to read to him already.

    Kitten with no bones in front legs learns to walk

    This little kitten, Harvey, was born with a rare disability which resulted in him being unable to walk on his front paws.

    He was put up for sale on a site similar to Gumtree by his ex-owner in a bid to get rid of him.

    After being alterted by a concerned visitor on the site, the Glasgow branch of the Cats Protection League stepped in and rescued him, temporarily placing him with local cat-foster parent, Liz McCulloch.

    After a bit of TLC from his loving new owner, Harvey has now learned to walk on his elbows and play around the house with Liz’s other pets.

    Liz says: ‘Because Harvey was born that way he doesn’t know there’s anything wrong with him so he runs around on his elbows and happily plays with my other cat and dog.’