How to fold a fitted sheet in 60 seconds

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  • Folding a fitted bedsheet is one of life’s little annoyances. We’ve crumpled ours up every which way you can think of, but still they come out looking like we’ve not even bothered.

    However, if you’re in the same boat, there’s no need to despair – this video is about to change your laundry-day life!

    The 1 minute and 42 second long clip from American website Living On A Dime is a super-simple demonstration of the best way to fold your fitted sheets so that they actually look, er… folded – and just like the burrito duvet cover trick, you won’t believe how quick and easy it is!

    How to fold a fitted sheet

    As Jill Cooper, the presenter of the video explains, folding a fitted sheet is a 5 step process:

    1. Hold the sheet lengthwise by both corners with the right side towards your body.
    2. Fold one of the corners you are holding over the other.
    3. Sliding down the side of the sheet, repeat the process with the next two corners.
    4. Straighten the two edges you have created, then place on a flat surface.
    5. Fold in thirds lengthways, then horizontally. And ta-da! The most perfectly folded sheet you’ve ever laundered.

    It might seem like a little more effort compared to your usual scrunch-and-throw-in-the-back-of-the-cupboard method, but Jill says that ‘a lot of us are short on storage in our closets, and by folding it you can double your storage space instantly! The amount of time it takes to fold the sheet, you’d spend the exact same amount of time digging through your linen closet trying to find the right sheet when they’re all wadded up and unfolded in there.’

    We have to confess, we’ve probably spent MORE than 60 seconds scrabbling around looking for the right bedding sets, so she certainly speaks the truth. After all, there’s a reason this video has had more than 11 MILLION views!

    What do you think – revolutionary life hack, or more fiddly than it’s worth? Leave us a comment and tell us if you know a better fitted sheet trick!