How to stop bladder sensitivity ruining the things you love

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  • Sensitive bladder? Don’t let it hold you back! Whatever you’ve got planned for your day, the last thing you want is for those little worries like sensitive bladder to get in the way.

    So whether you’re out shopping with the girls, hitting the gym or catching a film with your family at the cinema, nothing should hold you back from having a great time. With new Always Discreet, a range of products offering brilliant protection for sensitive bladder, you can do the things you love without worrying, get your confidence back and feel in control of your daily life.

    Here are some other easy ways to manage a sensitive bladder…

    • Keep exercise gentle

      Gentler forms of activity such as cycling, yoga and Nordic walking will keep you fit, healthy and trim – and are less likely to cause those little leaks. Are you more of a gym bunny? Not a problem! Have a go at yoga and pilates instead and remember to do daily muscle-strengthening pelvic floor exercises.

    • Drink just enough

      Don’t be tempted to cut back on drinks to lessen loo trips, as this can irritate your bladder. Just drink when your body tells you to, and stay hydrated. We know it’s tricky, but caffeine, alcohol, fizzy drinks and artificial sweeteners aren’t the best options for a sensitive bladder, so try limiting them for a week or two to see if it makes a difference.

    • Avoid heavy lifting

      Want to move a bit of furniture? Ask someone to help you out – your pelvic floor (and your back!) will definitely thank you for it.

    • Set a schedule

      Did you know you can train your bladder? Try keeping to a daily schedule when it comes to toilet visits, and this will help you to train yourself. Talk to your doctor for more information.

    • Use the right protection

      Always Discreet offers a wide range of products to fit the needs of all women with a sensitive bladder. Femininity and discretion are key features of the new Always Discreet line-up. Made with a new generation of ultra thin materials, the range will keep you protected while remaining discreet. The liners and pads have an absorbent DualLock core that helps lock away odour and wetness. They’re up to 40% thinner* than the leading brand, yet offer twice as much absorbency than you may need.** The pants offer up to 100% comfort and protection. Plus, all products have the exclusive OdourLock technology that neutralises odours continuously. So you can feel confident and back in control again.

    If you fancy getting a bit more advice about managing bladder sensitivity, pop along to your doctor. There’s absolutely no need to feel embarrassed, one in three women experience some form of bladder sensitivity, so you’re not alone!

    In the meantime, managing bladder sensitivity means you can carry on doing all the things you want to do. Always Discreet has a range of liners, pads and pants specially designed to give you the confidence to enjoy life to the full. So diary at the ready – it’s time to start planning that day out.

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    (*Compares to the leading brand (percentage varies across line-up). **Based on average consumer loading.)