7 amazing iPhone hacks that'll change every phone addict's life

Every iPhone owner needs to read this!

Struggling with storage space? Fed up of apps you just don't need? Wondering why your battery keeps dying too quikcly? All of that is about to change...

From smart selfie taking to organisation tricks you won't believe, here are some simple ways to hack your iPhone and change your phone-using experience for good!

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1. Free up some storage

If you're struggling for storage, then try following Reddit user eavesdroppingyou's clever hack, that allows you to get more GBs without deleting anything from your phone. Too good to be true? Follow these steps:

'Just go to iTunes and search for the movie (with a bigger file size than what you have left on storage), click rent and soon you'll get the message saying you don't have enough storage and offers you to go to settings. Click that and magically you will get some storage back (probably it erases some useless data from different apps to try to download the movie).

Repeat the process 4-5 times and before you know it you recovered 1 to almost 2 Gb'.

To get even more storage on your phone, stop your Instagram and Whatsapp accounts from automatically saving pictures and you'll free up loads more room for photos.

On Instagram, turn off the 'save original photo' in settings. On Whatsapp, go to Settings > Chats, and turn of 'save incoming media'. Simple, but effective!

Make sure you also keep on top of things your phone automatically saves, like podcasts you subscribe to. With apps that download videos, like BBC iplayer, don't forget to delete the files after you've watched them - videos take up a lot of storage!

2. Make your charger last longer with this easy trick

Image: Reddit/positivitypack

Tired of having to buy a new iPhone charger cable every month? Make sure it lasts longer with this easy hack, courtesy of the wise people over at Reddit.

Simply grab the spring of an old pen and rotate it around the cable connections area to the end - should postpone another Apple purchase for a while!

3. Get rid of default apps

YouTube user videosdebarraquito discovered a quick and simple method to get rid of them once and for all, giving you back valuable folder space for more important things like Candy Crush.

It's important to note before you give this a try that it only works on phones with iOS9 or above, so make sure you do your updates first! Once you're on the right operating system, it's as simple as this:

1. Put the app you want to get rid of into a folder 2. Hold the app down until it shakes 3. Drag it to the next page in the folder 4. Then drag it to the third page (there should be three dots at the bottom of the folder once you've done this 5. Keep hold of the app, and tap the home button

And voila! Your unwanted app should be gone.

WATCH: How to hide your default iPhone apps


4. Make you iPhone run faster (in just 10 seconds!)

Another speedy 10-second hack to make your iPhone run faster has already taken the internet by storm - and those who have tried it say that it's totally revolutionised the way they use their phone.

The nifty tech tip was shared on Twitter by IT manager and iPhone enthusiast Marc Forrest, who explained that resetting the phone's RAM was the key to unlocking its much quicker powers.

In his tweet, Marc says that all you need to do is hold down the power button on top of the phone until the slide to power off button appears, and then hold down the home button, located in centre of the bottom of the phone, until the app screen appears.

He then retweeted evidence of the tip having the desired effect:

Marc's tweet received almost 100 retweets and has been shared by websites around the world, helping countless people to reclaim the speed that their phone should have in the first place.

5. Revolutionise your selfies!

Getting tired arms from taking selfies? Most users don't realise that you can use your Apple headphones to take pictures...

All you need to do is press the volume+ button when you're in camera mode and snap away for as long as you please!

6. Charge up in half the time

Tired of waiting for your phone battery to recharge?

Switch your phone to airplane mode (the option located in 'settings', or on the menu you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen), and it'll charge twice as quickly. Genius!

7. Make your battery last longer

Having your phone dying on you is never ideal, so make sure you keep your battery on the green with little tricks like turning down the screen brightness and disabling location services and backgroud app refresh. Most of the time we don't even realise the amount of things that are going on in the background, but this little trick will make a massive difference.

If you're really desperate for more battery, you can also turn off your push notifications, which means apps like email and Facebook will not tell you there are new notifications unless you actively refresh them. To do this, go on Notifications, tap each app you want to manage the Notifications for and then turn the Notification Center toggle to OFF. You will also have to set the Alert Style to None, the Badge App Icon and Sounds to OFF, and turn OFF the View in Lock Screen Option.

Do you have any ingenious iPhone hacks of your own? We'd love to hear them! Simply share in the comments box below


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