Is washing in REVERSE the secret to perfect hair?

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  • Psst! We’ve discovered the secret to a good hair day, and it doesn’t involve any expensive products, treatments or masks – in fact, we bet that you’ve got everything you need in your bathroom right now!

    It might seem too good to be true, but you only need two items for the best ‘do you’ve had in ages – shampoo and conditioner – because the secret to softer, shinier, more volumunious hair is washing it backwards.

    Reverse washing is the simplest concept ever, but it’s taking the beauty world (and the Goodtoknow office!) by storm, and we can’t believe we hadn’t thought of it sooner.

    To try it for yourself, you simply need to:

    – Apply your conditioner first, concentrating mostly on the ends with just a small amount at the roots – Leave for five minutes – Use the shampoo to rinse out any residue – lathering twice if you feel your hair needs it

    Whether you let your hair dry naturally or blow it dry, you should find that your hair looks glossy, lifted, and much more vibrant then when you wash it the regular way.

    The theory is that using thicker, heavier conditioner second can leave your hair weighed down with residue, so using it first and then washing the remains out with shampoo leaves each strand looking fuller and less limp.

    It might seem like it goes against everything you’ve been taught, but we’ve been doing it for weeks now, and the results are clear to see!

    Other easy ways to have your best hair day ever

    – Whether you’re reverse washing or not, you should always spend twice as long rinsing as you do lathering – getting all of that product out is key!

    Don’t scrub! Rubbing your scalp too vigorously can actually increase the production of oil – the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

    Turn down the temperature. Tepid water is much better for your hair than hot, as it’s better for your follicles and doesn’t stimulate the production of oil.

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