‘You’re constantly being put down’ Josie Gibson opens up about body shaming after 6 stone weight loss

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  • Josie Gibson has opened up about the impact of online trolls on her weight loss journey, and how the criticism made her feel.

    Speaking during an appearance on Good Morning Britain, the former Big Brother star turned personal trainer and nutritionist said that it was joining social media platform Twitter that made the extent of the comments really hit home.

    ‘I thought I was half-about [attractive] and then I went on Twitter and it was bad as you’re constantly being put down,’ Josie explained.

    ‘I joined Twitter and that was when it really hit home that I wasn’t good looking. It wasn’t just one person saying it, it was loads of people saying it.’

    Josie has famously lost 6st stone since her Big Brother days

    Whilst she admitted that ‘I always wonder if I would have done something about [my weight] if I hadn’t have joined Twitter’, she added that she was concerned about the impact of online scrutiny on the younger generation.

    ‘I’ve got two little sisters and I feel so sorry for them because they are growing up in this world where everyone is striving for perfection and it doesn’t exist.’

    ‘When you [do see someone that looks perfect], they’ve got a team of make-up artists, there are filters.’

    ‘I took a pic using an app and it removed my freckles – I couldn’t believe it as I thought my freckles were alright.’

    ‘There is so much pressure on these young girls now, I feel sorry for them.’

    The reality star went from 16st 7lb to 10st 2lb at her lowest weight in 2013

    Her comments came a report from the Children’s Society revealed that a third of young girls in the UK are anxious about their appearance, and one in seven girls aged 10-15 say they are unhappy about their lives.

    The figures represent a sharp drop in happiness from a comparable study conducted five years prior, although the happiness of young boys remained at a similar level.