‘It’s distasteful and offensive’ – Katie Piper calls out Halloween make-up resembling burns and disfigurements

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  • Model, television presenter and acid attack survivor Katie Piper has spoken out about the increasing popularity of burn victim Halloween make-up.

    Katie, 33, suffered a horrific acid attack, organised by her ex-boyfriend, in 2008

    She has since had to undergo over 300 operations to reconstruct her face and throat, after the attack led her to be hospitalised and fed through a tube in her stomach due to intense oesophageal damage.

    The ordeal has been intensely harrowing for Katie, who turned her experience into something positive by advocating body confidence and establishing the Katie Piper Foundation to help burn victims.

    In an Instagram post, Katie wrote, ‘It’s not even Halloween and I’ve had over 20 photos on my feed of make-up artists posting Halloween gore-overs.

    ‘It’s distasteful and offensive to make temporary burns, scars and disfigurements on someone’s face for Halloween.

    ‘Some of us have these differences all year round. When did Halloween turn into people imitating accident victims?’

    Katie captioned the photo, writing:

    ‘I enjoy Halloween just as much as the next person but please don’t dress up as someone that has had trauma happen to them.

    ‘Even if you don’t care about other people’s feelings how about remembering non of us are immune and it could be you one day with those injuries no Halloween make up needed.

    ‘Pumpkins, witches, cats, bats whatever but not someone who has been seriously injured please.’

    The post gathered over 7,000 likes, but followers varied in agreeing with Katie.

    ‘I 100% back this as somebody with a magnificent scar that was unkindly given to me by cancer. It ranges an impressive 22cm down my neck and everybody loves a stare…. yet they’ll mimick it for Halloween!’ wrote one follower.

    ‘I get both sides of the argument but actually putting makeup to imitate those who are victims of acid attacks is going too far,’ said another.

    Others didn’t agree with Katie’s post:

    ‘I have facial scarring from an accident and think it’s over sensitive, you can’t let things like that bother you. I totally get where you’re coming from though,’ commented one follower.

    ‘While your intention is personal and from a good place it’s ludicrous to infringe on others freedoms of expression, especially during a harmless holiday. Should we tell children not to dress as a ghost because it reminds me that a loved one has passed?’ wrote another follower.

    Shower and in bed watching cartoons with B- this has been the best holiday!

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    Katie has spoken out before about her horrible attack in her book Beautiful.

    ‘Taking a deep breath, I held it up to my face. That little mirror was a window into hell,’ she wrote.

    ‘My skin was red raw. My eyelids were puffy and underneath, my eyeballs protruded like cartoonish globes.

    ‘My left eyeball looked milky and opaque. My lips were swollen like sausages and my eyelashes and eyebrows gone.

    ‘My nose was a shrivelled mound. My cheeks had sunk into my skull. My face had melted into my neck like candle wax.

    ‘I wasn’t a model and TV presenter any longer. How could I be, looking like that? “No,” I whimpered, my chest heaving with sobs. No tears came: my ravaged eyes couldn’t even cry.’


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    Katie married Richard Sutton in November 2015, having had their daughter Belle the year before.

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