Katie Price pays emotional tribute to mum Amy after terminal diagnosis

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  • Katie Price has paid tribute to her mum Amy on social media, after revealing she’s been diagnosed with a terminal lung condition.

    The mum-of-five took to Instagram to post a series of emotional quotes about ‘the love of a mother’, after revealing the sad news about her health last week.

    ‘My mom is more than a fearless woman. She’s more than a hero. She’s more than a best friend. She’s my life. I love my mom,’ the first picture read.

    Among the other images she posted, one advised: ‘Always love your mother as you’ll never get another’, while another stated: ‘When you look at your mother you’re looking at the purest love you’ll ever know.’

    The last photograph that Katie uploaded read: ‘The older I grow the more I realise that my mother is the best bestfriend that I ever had.’

    Fans were quick to offer their support to Katie, who also recently revealed that her husband Kieran has cheated on heragain, commenting on the pictures to send their love to the star and her family.

    One wrote: ‘Thinking of you! Your mum seems to be a very strong lady sending you and your family my love xx’

    ‘Sweetheart I know what you are going through,’ a second added. ‘I lost my beautiful husband to cancer last year. It’s not going to be easy. So you will need to be strong. Make sure you have a lot of support around you. Sending blessings of love and light to all the family.’

    A third fan said: ‘Enjoy every minute with your mum. I lost my mum to cancer. She was my best friend and my wingman. Miss her more than words can say’.

    Katie Price confirmed her mum’s heartbreaking diagnosis on social media last week, writing: ‘My mum has been diagnosed with a lung disease called Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) there is unfortunately no known cure for this.

    ‘The condition has an average life expectancy of 3-5 years. There are two known pills which if they work can slow things down.’

    ‘My mum is a fighter. She is working out every day, going to work and living life to the full please help us in supporting The British Lung foundation so we can make a difference.’