Couple who weighed 770lbs collectively shed half of their body fat in a year

'We were easily eating 4,000 calories a day each'

A formerly obese couple have lost an incredible 300lbs between them in just one year.

Lexi Reed, 26, and her husband Danny, 28, who met ten years ago, began to gain weight as their date nights were centered solely on food.

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'It's what our relationship revolved around, most days we would go to a Chinese buffet and eat three-four plates each before getting home and ordering takeaway,' Lexi, who works as a receptionist, explained.

'I was always terrified of breaking furniture when eating out, people would stare at us and it's no real surprise as we weighed a combined 55 stone.'

'We never ate vegetables and never tried to be healthy, everything we ate would either be fried or from a fast food restaurant.'

'We were easily eating 4,000 calories a day each, we didn't know where to stop.'

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At their heaviest, Lexi weighed 34st 6lbs, whilst Danny tipped the scales at 20 stone - but then a challenge from a friend provided the catalyst for the pair to start their weight loss journey.

'In January 2016 my best friend challenged me to not eat out for 30 days,' Lexi explained. 'I wasn't allowed to eat any junk food and for once I stuck to it, and so did Danny.'

'From there it was so much easier to keep at it and I said to myself that I would be happy with losing seven stone in the first year.'

The couple started preparing healthier versions of their favourite meal from scratch, and took up exercise, both hitting the gym five or six times a week, and signing up for classes like Zumba.

Their hard work quickly paid off, as just a year later, Danny now weighs 15st 5lbs. Lexi, meanwhile, is down to 17st 7lbs, and has started a motivational Instagram account to share their learnings and inspire others.

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'We want to encourage people that it is possible to change your life with diet and exercise,' she said.

'You don't need a trainer, surgery, to spend tons of money on healthy food or supplements. You just just need yourself and to put forward hard work and determination.'

'Danny and I are still working hard every day, our journey isn't over yet, but never in a million years did we think we could get where we are today, it's incredible.'


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