List of 'crazy' boyfriend names revealed!

We hope he's not called Nick...

We know men called David make the best husbands (well done Victoria), but who tops the list for crazy boyfriend names?

A list has been revealed of names allegedly associated with 'crazy' people, so you might want to check if your partner's name is on it, you know, just in case.

Bad news if your partner is called Nick, because it's number one on the list! Not great news either if your other half's name is Mark or Jeff as they made it to second and third place respectively, while Adam and Tyler completed the top five for being a bit cuckoo.

But without further ado, here's the list of the 15 crazy boyfriend names in full so you can check if your partner's name is on it - good luck!

Top 15 crazy boyfriend names:

1. Nick
2. Mark
3. Jeff
4. Adam

Adam was also recently revealed as one of the best names for online dating, so we're slightly confused by this one.

5. Tyler
6. Travis
7. Frank
8. Bradley
9. Brandon
10. Mike/Michael
11. Scott
12. Ryan

Oh no, Ryan too?

13. Eric
14. Tom/Tommy
15. Matthew

But if you were getting ready to ditch Jeff or Frank, wait until you read the reverse list!

There's a similar list of the 15 names of crazy girlfriends, which features names like Mary and Stephanie.

We're curious to know what Ashleys are usually up to in relationships because they were crowned number one name in the crazy girlfriends list. Sorry Ash!

Shannon and Melissa were second and third respectively, while Allison and Rebecca completed the top five and Heather came last.

As you're probably guessing, neither of the lists seem to have any scientific proof or study behind them, so it's probably best to stick to your better half, even if their name is Nick!

Plus, what do the list makers even mean by 'crazy'? We all have a little bit of crazy in us, which, to make matters worse, tends to come out more often with people we love.

We'll assume by being 'crazy' they mean you're comfortable enough in your relationship to share your craziness with your partner. Hear that, Ashley?


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