Blogger Loey Lane is campaigning for Disney to create a plus-size princess

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  • Every little girl wants to look and feel like a princess – but it can be hard when there aren’t any princesses out there who look much like you.

    It’s for this reason that blogger and YouTuber Loey Lane has called on Disney to change their traditional princess model and create a plus-size character for little girls to look up to.

    Loey, 23, has always been a fan of Disney – in October 2015 she uploaded a clothing haul which included this adorable Ariel-inspired bikini.

    ‘I’m gonna be a mermaid princess for the rest of my life!’ she exclaimed to her viewers as she twirled around in the outfit.

    However, whilst her initial try-on was a happy one, she expanded on the matter in a later vlog in March of this year, sharing an emotional Disney story about her childhood which had a deep impact on her even in later life.

    In the film, entitled ‘The Not So Little Mermaid’, she explains how as a child she went to a trip to Disney World, where her group were encouraged to write the names of Disney princesses on their name tags. As a lover of the Little Mermaid, she wrote Ariel, but didn’t have time to pin it to her clothes before another child stole the tag, crossed out Ariel and pencilled in Ursula.

    ‘I remember it hurt so badly, because I remember as a kid always thinking that villains were not attractive because they were mean, and no one ever idolised them because they were pretty,’ she explained.

    ‘The fact that the closest thing to my body that I could get was Ursula just hurt me so badly as a kid, and I grew up never saying that I wanted to be a princess.’

    ‘I know it would have boosted my self esteem so much if I had had someone I could relate to.’

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    Loey said that the comment section on her previous video had sparked a discussion about the possibility of a plus-size Disney princess, which made her think ‘how cool that would be’ – and now she’s taken her campaign one step further in a new video with Cosmopolitan, ‘Why Disney Needs A Plus-Size Princess’.

    ‘My entire Disney experience has kind of come full circle from a body-shaming story to something that I am so confident in and that I love myself in,’ she says, modelling the now infamous Ariel bikini.

    ‘We can’t all look exactly the same, and that’s a huge reason why I think it’s so important for there to be more diversity in everything that young girls and boys consume.’

    ‘We have to be vocal and say that it’s something that we want! By doing thing like wearing Disney princess year and looking beautiful and amazing and being our own version of a Disney princess we’re really doing that.’

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