'Looking too skinny' Holly Willoughby splits fans' opinions over weight loss with latest snap on social media

Some say the TV presenter is too thin

Holly Willoughby has split opinion on social media with her latest snap on Instagram, with some fans saying she is 'too skinny'.

The TV presenter often posts pictures of her outfits before going live on This Morning, but lately fans have been paying more attention to her 'shrinking' figure than her fashion credentials.

In one of her latest snaps, where she's seen dressed in a red jumper and black trousers, some fans took to the comments section to express their concern over the mum's noticeable weight loss, saying she's looking 'too skinny'.

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One said: 'Gutted you lost so.much weight you gave curvy girls like myself confidence :(', while another wrote: 'Looking too skinny Holly. Please don't lose any more weight'.

Another said: 'Where have you disappeared too??? Losing weight tips please 👍', and a fourth added: 'You're getting too thin @hollywilloughby but still absolutely beautiful. Get those gorgeous curves back Mrs 😘'

However, while some seemed worried about Holly's slimmer physique, others defended Phill's sidekick and accused some commenters of 'skinny shaming'.

One said: 'You look amazing! We all loved you slightly bigger too.. as long as you're healthy and happy! Inspiration for us all to get fitter 😍'

A second wrote: 'People should just mind their own business, she obviously wants to reach a certain weight. Stop trolling her. Let her be happy with whatever size she wants to achieve. I am sure she knows what she's doing.'

Another of Holly's 2.6 million followers added: 'Bore off with the skinny shaming. Holly looks healthy and slim. Well done on the weight loss, Holly. Hope you feel all the better for it.'

Other fans also criticised people for judging Holly and focusing on her 'irrelevant' weight loss rather than in her happiness and the other factors that make her a 'positive role model'.

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Holly's weight loss has been widely discussed by her fans on social media

'It must be so difficult being in the public eye and constantly being judged! Why can't woman just support each other! If you are happy others should be happy for you. I think you looked amazing before and look amazing now. But more importantly you are a career driven, motivated woman who is a positive role model to others, your weight size etc is irrelevant!' one exclaimed.

Holly's weight loss has been widely discussed on social media since the mum-of-three started to get noticeably slimmer earlier this year.

Despite fans' urging Holly to spill the beans on how she managed to lose weight, the star has remained tight-lipped on her diet and exercise secrets, and instead told everyone to 'move on'.

'I think people will always discuss it, and it's exactly why I just won't' Holly told The Sun's Fabulous magazine. 'I've sat across from parents who have lost children from [eating disorders] and I don't want to be a part of it.'

'Body image is such a dull subject when there is so much more to talk about. As long as you're happy and you're healthy, move on.'


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