Lorraine Pascale reveals how weightlifting helped her overcome grief after mother's death

'Three days after it all happened, I got out of bed pulled on my gym kit and somehow managed to get to the gym'

Celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale, best known for her regular appearances on This Morning, has marked the two-year anniversary of her mother's death with a personal blog post.

Lorraine's posted an uplifting and positive tribute to her late mother, and detailed how weightlifting has helped her overcome her grief.

'Today is not for suffering,' she says. 'Of course there is pain but I choose in her honour not to suffer through that pain.'

In the post, Lorraine explains how her fitness journey was key to recovering from her grief and credits weightlifting with propelling her through the first, most difficult stages of coming to terms with her mother's passing.

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'I tumbled into a deep sadness which could well have turned into depression but three days after it all happened, I got out of bed pulled on my gym kit and somehow managed to get to the gym', Lorraine continued.

'I could only manage 20 minutes, but that 20 minutes lifted my spirits and gave me hope that the dark feeling would in time pass. And it felt like I could get through the incessant crashing waves of the "abyss" stage of grief and loss.'

Lorraine speaks of how important it was to listen to her body, and in doing so she was able to establish a routine that has positively impacted not only her physical health, but her mental health too.

'Each day I went to the gym, and trained for as long as my feelings would allow. I had a good gym routine before it all happened and so was already going a few times a week, but carrying on when I really didn't feel like it and pushing through was a real saving grace for me.'

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The star continued, 'I feel that gym/dance/movement is such an integral part of good mental health. And it can help you get through the most challenging of times also. Once you get the habit it's such a gift, but it took me years and years to get the habit.'

The TV favourite has been met by waves of praise from followers of her blog, who have thanked her for her honesty and the positive way she's chosen to honour her mum.

'Aww that was lovely, what lovely way to honour your mum. I too have and still experience challenging situations and my escape is to walk, plug my phone in my ears with music or an audio book and just walk. Stay strong lovely and remember she's watching over you xx,' wrote one supportive commenter.

And another admitted, 'I lost my mum in December last year, it's the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. After reading your blog I have decided to give it a go! I'm going to go back to the gym and see how if it can help me too.'


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