Lush have launched a GIANT bath bomb just in time for Christmas

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  • Lush have started selling a giant bath bomb just in time for Christmas, so buying a present for that bath lover in your life just got a lot easier…

    The new product is shaped like a big Christmas gift, and it includes a total of 27 ingredients like orange, lime and cognac oil.

    And don’t let the golden colour fool you – it will actually turn your bath water turquoise.

    Significantly bigger than their normal offerings, the new giant bath bomb is already a success judging by the customer reviews.

    One customer wrote on the Lush website: ‘If you have a bath bomb lover on your Christmas list, you absolutely must order the Giant Golden Wonder for them, and you will both laugh your heads off. I expected a big bomb, but not one that weighs more than a newborn child! This thing is GIGANTIC! Once you take a hammer to it I’m sure you could get at least 4 baths out of it but just pulling it out of the box is the best. Thank you Lush for making my day!’

    The new giant bath bomb is six times bigger than normal ones

    A second also commented to say how much they loved the product: ‘Haha!! My tub is huge and this bad boy was soo big I thought it was almost too much for my giant tub, it was Amazing!! It took probably 10 mins or more to dissolve!! So so worth the money I used it on my birthday & I’ve got another one waiting for my Xmas eve bath everyone needs to buy this one!!!!’

    While Lush’s bath bombs usually cost £4.50, their giant version will set you back £12.95 – quite a bit more but not bad considering it’s six times bigger!

    The Christmassy treat will only be available during the holiday season, so you need to hurry and add it to your list – or to someone else’s stocking.

    But the giant bath bomb is not the only limited-edition treat Lush have got in store for us this Christmas.

    Their hugely popular Snow Fairy range proves a big hit with Lush customers every year, and promises to fill you with ‘comfort, joy and delight’.

    Would you try this giant bath bomb? Let us know in the comments!