Mad About The Boy – review

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  • What’s Mad About The Boy about? Catching up with the endearing antics of Bridget Jones is just like meeting up with a long-lost friend again. Now aged 51, it’s been 15 long years since we last heard from her and much has changed as she deals with being a single parent and, shockingly, widowhood.

    Bridget scribes her diary-style charming neurosis and daily battles with her weight and alcohol units, as well as social media and her trepidation over dipping her toe back into the world of dating. Added to this, she has two young children to juggle ­- and most of those with kids will relate to her struggles with nits, vomiting bugs and snuggling up for a bedtime story.

    With the support of her loyal circle of friends and after digesting many self-help books she also attempts to come to terms with her grief over Mark Darcy’s death. Encouraged to launch herself back into the world of dating, we are taken through some cringe-worthy dating scenarios and a heartening encounter with a younger man. Bridget’s battles with Twitter add another hilarious and very relatable element to the book, struggling with the digital world in a way that many of us over the age of 30 will relate to. This is all delivered with great charm and wit, and although she lives in a posh postcode in London, most Bridget fans will relate to her struggles.

    goodtoknow says: We couldn’t wait to get our hands on Helen Fielding’s much anticipated and long-awaited trilogy on the life of Bridget Jones – and we were not disappointed. It will really make you laugh out loud, cringe on her behalf and maybe even cry a few tears as well. The book has been criticised by the press, but if you’re a Bridget fan we’re sure you will enjoy its exploration of female insecurities, dating and dottiness. Plus, it’s already at the top of the book charts, so seems we’re not the only ones who think so…

    Rating: 7/10

    Jonathan Cape, £18.99

    Publish date: Out now

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