Blogger with cervical cancer shares powerful post about losing her hair

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  • A blogger who has been documenting her fight with cervical cancer has shared an emotional message about her experience of hair loss during treatment.

    Mum Milly Smith, who writes about body positivity under the name Self Love Club, shared an image with her 186k followers, showing patches where her thick red hair had been ‘falling out in clumps’ due to a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, adding that it’s likely that she will ‘lose all of it’.

    ‘I did not want to post this,’ Milly admitted to her readers. ‘I got nervous and embarrassed BUT You know what my hair doesn’t do? Define me. Make me any less beautiful. Make me any less worthy.’

    ‘I realise now that I am a radiant f*cking flower whatever my hair is doing. My hair isn’t what makes me beautiful; it’s my kind and wonderful soul that shines out like sunbeams.’

    ‘We are taught that women need long, flowing beautiful hair to be considered attractive… well F*CK THAT NOISE.’

    ‘Here’s to girls with no hair, short hair, thin hair, Afro hair, straight hair, thick hair, dry hair, hair all over their body, facial hair etc etc etc YOU ROCK. Hair is hair no more no less and it does NOT define you. #cervicalcancer #cancersucks.’

    Hundreds of people have taken to the comments section of the post to applaud Milly for her honesty, with one declaring: ‘You are an amazing fighter woman. I’m so proud of you. You are inspiring. I love the way you embrace your each and every body part. I love the way you are in love your own self. We all must learn this.’

    ‘What I love is…. the ability to embrace who you are no matter what!!!! When we can do that it takes away the “embarrassment” of what we see as no perfect or ugly! ❤️you!!’ another exclaimed.

    ‘I really love you as a person and also hats off to your husband and your handsome kid because I can imagine the amount of support they provide you. You and your husband are doing a great job and I appreciate everything you do.’

    Milly first revealed her diagnosis online back in October, and has since shared the heartbreaking news that during a surgery to remove a cancerous mass, she discovered that she’d also lost a baby.

    ‘The reason my symptoms spiked and the Dr’s found the cancer was because I was 2 1/2 months pregnant,’ she explained. ‘That sweet, innocent and amazing soul saved their Mammas life and sadly passed away.’

    ‘I was told this magical angel would have never developed properly and didn’t have a chance or survival but served the most wonderful purpose.’

    ‘We never met you, held you, felt you move or heard your heart beat but you’re so very real, important and loved by us.’

    Milly is now raising money through GoFundMe for a head shave, which she will donate to three charities, including Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

    ‘I am losing my hair due to treatment and thought I’d grab it by the balls and shave it off before cancer got the chance to take that from me!’