5 genius incentives to kickstart your diet

Losing weight is something so many of us want to do, but making it happen can be a tough challenge. Need some help getting started? Here are five great incentives to get you going...

Losing weight is something so many of us want to do, but making it happen can be a tough challenge. But with a little help and the right motivation, you can set off towards a healthy new lifestyle that'll bring all the changes you want and give you a major confidence boost. Need some help getting started? Here are five great incentives to get you going... 1. Book yourself in for a cut and colour at a luxury salon in three weeks time. Not only will it be a fabulous treat, but knowing you have the appointment coming up will keep you feeling motivated during those first tricky few weeks.

2. Buy yourself a new pair of jeans that are one size too small and try them on every couple of weeks to check on your progress. When you're tempted by that slice of cake or plate of biscuits, try them on again - knowing that you're slowly but surely getting closer to being able to do them up will spur you on to stick to your diet.

3. Plan a sunshine holiday with friends or the family and aim to be in that bikini or swimming costume you've got your eye on by the time you hit beach. Those cheat days won't be nearly as tempting when you know you're on a holiday countdown.

4. Sign up for a charity walk, jog or run. You may be getting to grips with a new fitness routine, but having a goal that's for a good cause on the horizon will give you a great incentive to keep pushing yourself. Believe in yourself - you'll be ready for that 5K in no time!

5. Set yourself a goal weight and an 'achieve by' date. A goal needs to be as specific as possible so that you can work towards it. Decide on a number that you'd like to see on the scales by a chosen date, but remember, your goal also needs to be realistic, don't set yourself an unachievable goal. Write it down on the calendar and stick to it! Knowing that the date is looming will encourage you to stay on track.

Our diet incentives

With inspirational encouragement from TV star and advocate of healthy living and being active Denise van Outen, plus a helping hand from weight loss aid XLS-Medical Max Strength, real women Kim, Sue, Gemma and Sarah are also starting out on their weight loss journeys. Here they reveal their diet incentives...

Kim - 39, from Market Harborough - is motorbike-mad and wants to slip back into her leathers. 'I'm desperate to get back into them,' she says. 'I've had to go out and buy 'fat man' trousers as I've got too much belly and bum going on. It's time for me to get fitter.'

Sue - 49, from Stratford on Avon - wants to reignite her passion for dancing again. 'I stopped dancing eight years ago because I was embarrassed about my weight,' she says.

Gemma - 40, from Hastings - had a recent breast cancer scare, which has kick-started her diet and fitness plan. 'I thought about the future and realised I needed to look after myself to be around for my two children.'

Sarah - 50, from Hampshire - is having trouble with her knees and is close to having a replacement. 'My doctor told me it would make a big difference if I lost weight,' she reveals. 'Plus I was tired of seeing that 'fat girl' in the mirror!'

Eating a balanced diet and staying active is the best way to lose weight - and keep it off. But sometimes we all need a helping hand. XLS-Medical Max Strength, is the most effective slimming aid yet from XLS-Medical*. It is clinically proven to reduce your calorie intake from carbohydrates, sugar and fat - and because it stabilises blood glucose, it also helps curb food cravings so you lose weight faster*.

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*Reference: Grube et al. (2015) **Weight loss from real women


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