Women share ‘suicidal’ effects the contraceptive pill had on them with viral hastag #mypillstory

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  • Hashtag #MyPillStory has taken over Twitter, with huge numbers of women responding to a call asking them to share their experiences of using the contraceptive pill.

    The campaign was started by journalist Kate Bevan who began the hashtag #MyPillStory in an act of solidarity with Holly Brockwell. Holly, 29, who is also a journalist, has just won her fight for the right to be sterilised by the NHS after four years of campaigning. After several attempts to get a referral from her GP, Holly has now learnt that she’s been put on the list for the operation, which will take place in the next few months.

    Over the course of the four years Holly continually had to argue her point that she never wants children, and knows she never will. However, medical professionals would not submit to her petitions and had always refused to do the operation, instead often suggesting she use the pill.

    On top of this Holly often reports the negative comments and abuse she receives from various people criticising her decision to never want children.

    Kate supported younger journalist Holly for her right to be sterilised

    Speaking to The Debrief Kate revealed that she was pleased, but surprised, how her campaign ‘caught fire’.

    ‘I’m absolutely overwhelmed and really rather touched and delighted that so many people, and it’s women and men, are sharing their stories,’ she said.

    Holly has appeared on This Morning to talk about being sterilised

    Despite many of the stories being negative Kate was also quick to point out that this wasn’t the sole purpose of the campaign, more that it was about raising awareness of the possible complications.

    ‘We’re not saying that the pill is awful – it’s not. The pill set the women from my mother’s generation free,’ said Kate, before continuing, ‘it’s an amazing development but it’s not the right choice for everybody and it’s not the universal panacea that everyone seems to think it is.’

    The reponses came flooding in with women recounting feelings of depression, anxiety and even having had suicidal thoughts. Many also expressed how pleased they were that the hashtag was raising awareness of the things they’d been through, giving them the knowledge that they weren’t alone. Below are some of the most popular tweets using the hashtag.

    https://twitter.com/ilonacatherine/status/715626662692577280 [/twitter][twitter]https://twitter.com/BryonySmurphy/status/716199566954086400[/twitter][twitter]https://twitter.com/katie_cling_on8/status/715899736499351552[/twitter][twitter]https://twitter.com/hollygriggspall/status/715671784184352768[/twitter][twitter]https://twitter.com/brown_soph/status/715576577531191297[/twitter]They weren’t all negative though, with some women sharing their positive stories, too. [twitter]https://twitter.com/Flanjamin/status/715825670593576960[/twitter]And men got involved too, a move that many people said proved the need to have these kinds of discussions, in order to show the kind of side effects women are experiencing. [twitter]https://twitter.com/evyatron/status/715530389205417984[/twitter][twitter]https://twitter.com/regnarg/status/715502269589037056

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