Nadia Sawalha encourages Loose Women viewers to ‘Bring Back the Bush’

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  • Nadia Sawalha sparked debate on Loose Women as she encouraged viewers to ‘Bring Back the Bush’.

    The presenter, who is mum to daughters Maddie, 13, and Kiki-Bee, 8, declared to the audience that women who choose to shave, wax or otherwise groom their intimate area have been ‘objectified by men’, and urged them to embrace their natural look instead.

    ‘Basically, if a man asks you to remove your hair, he is watching too much porn. I use mine as a combover. We are supposed to have hair around our n**n.’

    She added that peer pressure had a big impact on many women, explaining ‘The biggest peer pressure at the moment, speaking to my beautiful 21-year-old stepdaughter, is that there is enormous pressure now for our young women to be hairless. I mean, how outrageous is that?’

    ‘I want young women to start realising that they are being objectfied.’

    Nadia was joined by fellow panellists Andrea McLean, Coleen Nolan, Amy Childs and Gloria Hunniford

    After making her announcement, Nadia proceeded to pull a basket of ‘Bring Back the Bush’ badges from beneath her chair, and began handing them out to the members of the studio audience, including several men.

    ‘Bring back the bush!’ she cried. ‘We are women, and we are proud of our bush!’

    One member of the panel, however, TOWIE star and qualified beautician Amy Childs, refused one of Nadia’s specially prepared accessories.

    ‘I have a Hollywood,’ she responded. ‘I have it all off.’

    Nadia handed out branded badges to members of the audience

    The conversation became even more risque when the topic in question switched to anal bleaching, with Coleen Nolan exclaiming ‘I don’t even bleach my sink!’

    What’s your take on Nadia’s debate – each to their own, or should women start embracing their natural body hair? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!