Nadia Sawalha concerns fans with video of ‘stress related’ rash she’s been battling for 10 days

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  • Nadia Sawalha has been left feeling frustrated after being plagued by a nasty rash just before she appeared on live TV.

    The Loose Women panellist and former Eastenders actress shared a video of the reaction on Instagram after she has spent the last ten days battling the rash.

    ‘Oh God, just look at my face. Still waiting for it to go down properly, and I have got to do Loose Women later today. It’s itchy!’ she said on the post.

    ‘We’ve had a very stressful couple of weeks so a lot of people are saying that it might not be an allergy but it might just be stress,’ Nadia said.

    Thanks to the professional make-up artist on hand, however, Nadia’s rash looked as if it had disappeared in an instant.

    ‘@donnamaymakeup is a genius!!! Make sure to check out her profile and her amazing makeup bag while you’re there!’

    Donna then shared a video of her own showing how she was catering for Nadia’s skin in its current state.

    ‘So… @nadiaandkaye is suffering with a reaction on her face at the moment …stress related we think so today @loosewomen we been careful not to put anything too acidic on her,’ read the post.

    The stressful time Nadia is referring to may be the fact that her family lost the beloved grandmother of her husband Mark Adderley, Nanny Thelma, just three weeks ago.

    Nadia, who shares the Instagram account with fellow Loose Women hos Kaye Adams, shared a tribute to 95-year-old Nanny Thelma on her social media account, accompanied by a collage of photographs with Thelma with her family members.

    ‘Thank you all so much for your condolences Mark and I have taken real comfort from them .. Mark texted me these beautiful words last night that came to him whilst sitting in Nanny Thelma’s bungalow . I want to share them with you because I think they sum up so perfectly what it means to be loved by your nan… Rest in peace,’ she wrote on the emotional tribute.

    After seeing Nadia’s most recent video, fans have rushed to sent messages of support and advice.

    ‘I developed something similar to this when I lost my mum it’s awful. Hope your better soon,’ one wrote, followed by another who added: ‘I had something very similar to this flare up a few weeks ago after some distressing news and my GP said it was stress related. Hope it clears up soon.’

    ‘Oh Nadia feel so sorry for you,’ a third sympathised. ‘If I lived in your street , I would pop in and give you a. Hug !!!!!!’

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