New campaign breaks the stigma around sensitive bladder issues

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  • We all have things we feel embarrassed about but when it’s as common as bladder sensitivity, it’s good to know you’re not alone.

    One in three women is affected* – yup, that’s a third of all the women on the train or bus on your daily commute, at the school gates… everywhere in fact.

    And sweeping it under the carpet not only makes us feel alone but it affects our confidence, makes us feel less attractive and can even affect our sex lives.

    That’s why Always Discreet is spearheading a campaign to break the silence over this taboo so women around the country can share their stories and reassure other women that they’re not alone.
    Campaign ambassador and GP Dr Sarah Jarvis, says, ‘Lots of women are uncomfortable sharing their experiences, even with trusted confidantes.’

    One woman who’s speaking out to help others is Jane Duckworth from Newquay: ‘I live in Cornwall, which means you have to travel a long way to get anywhere. Travelling when you have a sensitive bladder is something that takes an awful lot of forethought, particularly if you don’t feel fully protected.

    You have to plan what’s in your handbag, where the services are, even what colour trousers you’re wearing – because white trousers are not a good idea on long journeys,’ explains Jane.
    ‘I’ve felt so much more confident since having Always Discreet for sensitive bladder. They’re so thin I can wear white jeans again with complete confidence and those long car journeys much more comfortable again.’

    If you’re looking for a confidence boost like Jane, it’s good to know that Always Discreet offers a range of liners, pads and pants to suit all women’s needs, and are perfect for women like her who want to live life to the full.

    Featuring an ultra-thin profile, the liners and pads have an absorbent core that quickly turns liquid into gel, removing leaks and odour in seconds. So good in fact that they scooped the 2016 Product of the Year Award in the Bladder Weakness Category. **

    And for more security, Always Discreet pants have a Triple Layer technology that attracts, traps and locks away wetness and odour in seconds. So don’t let bladder sensitivity hold you back from living life to the full. Who knows, you may end up feeling younger than you have for years!

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    * Always study carried out on 200 women in Great Britain, Germany and France in March 2015

    **Winner Bladder Weakness Category. Survey 11,586 people by TNS. Always Discreet Liners & Pads.