Nine-to-five survival guide

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  • Want to start your nine-to-five feeling cool, calm and confident? From having your handbag ready the night before, to laying out your clothes so you’re not wasting precious morning minutes trying to figure out what to wear, and making sure the kids’ lunches and uniforms are sorted before you go to bed, there are lots of ways to guarantee your day runs smoothly from the minute you get up.

    If you have space at work to stash things that might come in handy, your life’s already easier. Think a spare pair of tights, paracetamol, deodorant, Always Discreet liners or pads, a phone charger, umbrella and emergency mascara and lipstick (yes, they are emergencies!).

    Bladder sensitivity affects loads of women, so don’t feel you’re the only one who needs to go to the loo during long meetings or shifts, or who panics when a sudden sneeze strikes. By managing your bladder sensitivity, your working day doesn’t need to be stressful.

    Thanks to new Always Discreet, a range of products offering brilliant protection for sensitive bladder, you can enjoy your nine-to-five without worrying, feeling confident and in control no matter what the day (or your boss) has in store. Femininity and discretion are key features of the new Always Discreet line-up. Made with a new generation of ultra thin materials, the range will keep you protected while remaining discreet.

    The liners and pads have an absorbent DualLock core that helps lock away odour and wetness. They’re up to 40% thinner* than the leading brand, yet offer twice as much absorbency than you may need.** The pants offer up to 100% comfort and protection. Plus, all products have the exclusive OdourLock technology that neutralises odours continuously.

    Check out these easy ways to manage a sensitive bladder at work…

    • We’ve all got used to arriving at work clutching a coffee but caffeine, along with fizzy drinks, alcohol and artificial sweeteners, can increase bladder sensitivity. Try cutting them out to see if it makes a difference, but remember to stay hydrated by drinking water regularly.
    • Meetings always go on longer than expected. If you feel embarrassed to take a comfort break, set an alert on your phone beforehand so that you can excuse yourself explaining you need to make a call home.
    • Keep a supply of Always Discreet products in your work locker or handbag to keep you feeling comfortable and confident all day. The new Always Discreet range has feminine and discreet packaging, and they’re individually wrapped, so you won’t feel embarrassed if anyone sees them.

    Wearing the Always Discreet product that best suits your needs every day will keep you fully protected, thanks to the unique highly-absorbent core, which locks away odour and wetness, and the exclusive OdourLock technology that neutralises odours instantly and continuously. You can feel reassured, secure, and free to concentrate on the important things at work… like deciding what to have for lunch!

    Go to to request your free Always Discreet sample.

    (*Compares to the leading brand (percentage varies across line-up). **Based on average consumer loading.)