Obsession: Faces of Evil by Debra Webb – review

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  • What’s the book about? In the frantic race to catch a brutal and obsessive serial killer, Jess Harris broke the rules and lost everything. Her reputation in tatters, she has no choice but to return to Birmingham, to the hometown and the past she ran away from long ago.
    Dan Burnett, Police Chief of Birmingham, Alabama, is running out of options. 4 young women are missing and in desperation, he turns to his estranged first love, Special Agent Jess Harris, but will her skill and experience offer a glimmer of hope?

    goodtoknow says: Debra Webb is a romance writer but she’s now combined her love of suspense with her love of um, love in this novel. It’s an unusual combo as the crime unravels against the backdrop of simmering tension between ex-lovers Jess and Dan.
    Sometimes this past relationship does get in the way of the actual suspense element of the book, but it was an easy and involving read and we finished it in just two days!
    As with any good thriller, the baddies are slightly unhinged, the cops are frustrated and there’s a race to try and find the victims alive and well. The novel is part of The Faces of Evil series and the other running storyline about Jess being stalked by a criminal from her past was interesting enough to make us want to read the next book in the series. We’re just hoping the romance may not be as intrusive to the story as it was in this one!
    Rating: 7/10
    Publisher: Headline
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    Publisher: Pink House Press

    Publish date: Out now

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