Oven-baked pizzas: The best and worst revealed

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  • Oven baked pizzas are a quick, simple and easy - but do you know which are the heathiest for your diet? Here is our guide to help you pick the healthiest supermarket pizzas - we've rated 20 pizzas against each other for calories, fat and sugar content from worst to best

    When you’re after a quick and easy dinner for the whole family, oven baked pizzas are one of our favourite choices. From Friday nights in front of the telly, to rushed Wednesday nights when you need something quick and easy to rustle up, they’re guaranteed to be speedy, cheap and tasty too! Plus, if you pick one with veggies on top it can count towards your five-a-day.

    But do you know the effect your favourite pizza is having on your diet? Are you accidentally picking up one laden with fat and calories, when you could be making a much healthier choice? It would be easy to assume they’re all relatively the same, but one popular pizza contains a whopping 299 cals per 100g, while one contains as little as 185 calories per 100g by comparison.

    Knowing which is the best and which is the worst for your diet next time you’re in the supermarket could save you some serious calories, which is why we’ve rated 20 of the most popular pizzas out there in order of worst to best, including calories, fat and sugar content, so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

    We’ve even included the prices so you know if you’re getting a bargain too!

    Take a look through the best and worst pizzas on the supermarket shelves…