31 people reveal their biggest regret in life

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  • A new Reddit thread asking users ‘what is your biggest regret?’ has sparked 1000 responses in just two days.

    Many people had regrets relating to their job, their friendships, their career and their family, and whilst some of the stories were uplifting, others were sad, and many of them were just plain relatable.

    Here are 31 of people’s ultimate life regrets – there’s something to be learned from every single one of them.

    1. ‘Drinking too much’

    2. ‘Being afraid of sex’

    3. ‘Complaining about visiting my grandparents. If they were here today I would immediately tell them how much they meant to me.’


    5. ‘A bit cliche, but I’ve been telling my nieces this: realize that it doesn’t matter what other people think. It’s extremely hard to do (as humans are built to care what others think/feel) but extremely important for your happiness.

    I’ve noticed that this is linked to maturity and self-confidence as well. Younger people tend to have a harder time of this. Go after your own life and your own happiness regardless of what others think.’

    6. ‘I don’t regret anything except not saying “I love you” more times over the years.’

    7. ‘Not starting my savings when I was still in college.’


    9. ‘I regret that I didn’t go talk to a psychologist and get diagnosed with aspergers sooner.’

    10. ‘Not learning piano. I always wanted to play piano and I always figured to buckle down and start learning ‘someday’ but the years kept adding up.’

    11. ‘My biggest regret was not getting into therapy sooner.’

    12. ‘Spending most of my life obsessing over my weight. Seriously there are so many things that I either never did because I was ‘too fat’ or put off until I could lose x number of pounds.’


    14. ‘Not moving out of my small town of 6,000 people. I got comfortable and put down roots here. Really wish I would have moved somewhere with more opportunities.’

    15. ‘I wish in high school I would have been more sociable.’

    16. ‘My biggest regret is not going to nursing school. I am 53 now and wish I would have pursued it.’


    18. Not learning to get over my shyness when I was younger. Would have had a lot more fun.’

    19. ‘In primary school in grade 4 I didn’t stand up to my bully. I should have fought back but I was so scared at that time.’

    20. ‘Smoking. I wish I had never started smoking. My health would be better and I’d have more money. It’s really a stupid habit to ever pick up and crazy difficult to put down.’


    22. ‘I regret spending so much time not being the person I wanted to be because I didn’t think it was possible.’

    23. ‘My parents never taught me the importance of paying bills and what effect it would have on my credit. I wish I would have learned about it sooner.’

    24. ‘Not putting enough effort into keeping up friendships.’

    25. ‘Not buying real estate earlier and more often.’

    26. ‘I do regret being mean to my mother growing up. I know that I have many years left with my mom, but I will never stop feeling ashamed for what I put her through as a teenager.’

    27. ‘Losing patience with my children. I feel like every time I lost my patience with them I lost an opportunity to teach them, I lost an opportunity to be there for them, I lost an opportunity to create a positive memory.’


    29. ‘Time wasted on a “career”. Who cares how good you are at your job in the end?’

    30. ‘Nothing’

    31. ‘I have not regretted anything I’ve done, only what I didn’t do.’

    What’s your one life regret that you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments box below