Rosemary Conley’s 10 tips for dropping a dress size

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  • Rosemary's been helping women lose weight for years. Here are her top tips for slimming down in 2014

    Want to really shape this summer?

    Diet and fitness guru Rosemary Conley knows a thing or two about what works when you’re trying to drop a dress size.

    Not only has Rosemary helped lots of women successfully lose weight through her diet and fitness clubs over the past 40 years, but she’s also managed to slim down and keep the weight off herself with a simple, healthy approach to food and exercise.

    After getting married – and taking up a cookery course – Rosemary put on more than 2 stone, taking her weight from 8 stone to 10 stone 4lbs. She hated being overweight so decided to do something about it. That was when she started her diet and fitness clubs.

    Now in her sixties, Rosemary is a happy size 8 who ‘loves being slim more than chips’! And she has bags of energy too – remember her amazing moves on Dancing on Ice?!

    Her diet plan, the Fat Attack Booster (FAB) diet, is really easy to follow and works quickly. Find out more at

    So, who better to give us her 10 top tips for dropping a dress size? Click through now and get ready to feel great…