Rosemary Conley's 10 tips for dropping a dress size

Rosemary's been helping women lose weight for years. Here are her top tips for slimming down in 2014

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Rosemary's been helping women lose weight for years. Here are her top tips for slimming down in 2014

Want to really shape this summer?

Diet and fitness guru Rosemary Conley knows a thing or two about what works when you're trying to drop a dress size.

Not only has Rosemary helped lots of women successfully lose weight through her diet and fitness clubs over the past 40 years, but she's also managed to slim down and keep the weight off herself with a simple, healthy approach to food and exercise.

After getting married - and taking up a cookery course - Rosemary put on more than 2 stone, taking her weight from 8 stone to 10 stone 4lbs. She hated being overweight so decided to do something about it. That was when she started her diet and fitness clubs.

Now in her sixties, Rosemary is a happy size 8 who 'loves being slim more than chips'! And she has bags of energy too - remember her amazing moves on Dancing on Ice (opens in new tab)?!

Her diet plan, the Fat Attack Booster (FAB) diet, is really easy to follow and works quickly. Find out more at (opens in new tab).

So, who better to give us her 10 top tips for dropping a dress size? Click through now and get ready to feel great...

1. Avoid faddy diets

'You shouldn't always be on a diet, keeping the weight off long-term means a lifestyle change. Find a method that you can stick to - like my new FAB Diet - so eating well and exercising becomes second nature.'

2. Spring clean the fridge

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'Start the month with a healthy kitchen. Get rid of open chocolate and

nuts; give uneaten cake to the birds (without the icing!).'

3. Plan your meals

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'Make a list of menus for the week. That way you'll know what you're going to have and when. Choose what suits you, but make sure you have five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.'

4. Get active

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'Decide on an exercise plan. If you're serious about losing weight, you need to do 20 minutes of exercise a day. That could be walking or housework, it all adds up. An exercise class will also give you focus. Diarise your exercise to make sure you do it - you'll feel much better for it!'

5. Weigh & measure

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'Use a belt or my Magic Measure (£3.49, (opens in new tab)) to track your weight loss. That way you'll see the weight coming off each week. Measure and weigh yourself at the beginning of your diet so you have starting measurements. This will help to motivate you.'

6. Use Portion Pots

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'My portion pots (£5.49; (opens in new tab)) are extremely helpful. Overestimating portions is one of the biggest reasons dieters don't lose weight as fast as they like. These make measuring pasta, rice, cereal etc really easy. Learn to cook without fat too. Dry fry food with plenty of black pepper to add flavour.'

7. Buy clothes that fit

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'People saying that you've lost weight will really motivate you, so buy clothes in a smaller size that flatter your new figure. They don't need to be expensive, the best place is a charity shop then you can pass them back (and pick up some new ones) as you slim down.'

8. Celebrate

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'Once you've lost half a stone or more, treat yourself to something that will make you feel better about yourself like a new lipstick or pair of shoes. It's good to reward yourself.'

9. Be honest

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'When the weight stops falling off, write down everything you eat and drink honestly for a week. After you've been dieting for a while, you relax and start guessing portions. Note down all your treats and extras, it will soon be obvious why you're not losing weight. Up your exercise too. Do more and you will lose weight.'

10. Don't be tempted

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'Do not buy bad food that you really love, it will tempt you. Even if you think you can resist, after a bad day you will end up eating it. Don't even have it in the house.'

Rosemary Conley's FAB Diet

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Find out how to lose a stone in seven weeks with Rosemary Conley's FAB Diet (opens in new tab).

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