Healthy snacks: Healthy snack ideas that will keep you full

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  • When 3pm craving hits, we know we should be going for healthy snacks rather than reaching for the biscuit jar. But let’s face it, biscuits and chocolate sometimes kill our hankering for the sweet stuff more than fruit and nuts. 

    Luckily though, there are plenty of other delicious healthy snacks that can stop cravings and keep you full throughout the day. So whether you’re just looking to stay away from the inevitable sugar crash that comes after eating high-sugar and calorific snacks, or wondering why you can’t lose weight, we have you covered.

    Healthy snacks don’t just have to be boring, underwhelming foods. They’re not just wafter-thins that don’t even touch the sides and don’t even have to be the snacks with the lowest calories. Although, unlikely popular options include Weetabix brownies and cakes since Weetabix has low calories, is high in protein and fibre.

    We love the ideas curated especially for GoodtoKnow by Annie Williams, a personal trainer from Ori Gym, and CEO of Nourish Fit Food, Stephen Jones. As well as being tasty and filling, they’re super nutritious and keep you full through the afternoon without that need to go back into the kitchen for something else.

    So whether you’re a sweet tooth or savoury fan, there are plenty of exciting healthy snacks to choose from. No compromises, no sad apples or pears from the fruit bowl. These will help see you through the day without leaving you hungry or impacting 2021 health goals.

    They’re also great for kids! In these trying times, it’s important for kids to get as much extra nutrients from their food as possible. These healthy snack ideas can be so easily changed up to suit little ones, hungry after a hard day’s work at school (or homeschool!).

    If your focus is on losing weight this year, it’s also worth checking out when you should eat before and after a workout, along with the foods you should eat after a work out.

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