Ryan Reynolds tells women they’ve got some ‘fumbling to do’ in hilarious breast cancer awareness video

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  • He might not be the first person you’d think would be telling you to check your breasts, but Ryan Reynolds is on a mission to help spot the early signs of cancer. And we love him for it.

    The rather good looking 39 year old has released a video to ask women to make sure they’re checking their boobs properly and often, to try and detect the early signs of breast cancer. But it’s not Ryan as you may be imagining him. The on-screen stud has donned his Deadpool alter-ego to bring this message to the masses for breast cancer awareness.

    Ryan Reynolds with wife Blake Lively

    Clad in his superhero outfit, the actor lounges across a pool table while he tells us to ‘listen up’ to his self-proclaimed ‘good deed’ message that we’ve got some ‘fumbling to do’.

    Despite the costume Ryan shares some pretty important information

    And despite the light-hearted presentation of his video his message is clear – this is actually very important, for all of us. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lives and detecting any potentially harmful lumps and bumps can be the difference between life and death.

    Watch Ryan’s video Touch Yourself Tonight: Just For Her video below

    This isn’t the first time the actor has been telling people to touch themselves; just last week he asked men how well they knew their ‘happy sack’ in an effort to promote the early detection of testicular cancer, which he points out is the most common cancer for men aged 15 and 35. In the same Deadpool costume he advises men to ‘fight back’ and to ‘man up’ and talk to a doctor if they’re worried. He signs off my asking the men of this world to regularly ‘tweak their tomatoes’ because the ‘alternative is not an option’.

    Watch Ryan’s video Touch Yourself Tonight

    Back to boobs and checking yourself – it really is simple when you know how and can be done daily when in the shower, in bed or before you get dressed. Taking just a few minutes will put your mind at ease and help spot any problems early on, if there are any.

    We’ve worked with Breast Cancer Care to bring you the eight simple steps to follow when checking your breasts. Click the picture below to find out more, and share it with your friends. You never know when it’ll help save a life.

    How to check your breasts

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