‘Don’t look at skinny models and think that’s the only form of beauty’ Gogglebox’s Sandra and Sandi talk body confidence

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  • Watching Sandi and Sandra on the Gogglebox sofa, it’s clear that the bubbly pair are brimming confidence.

    Now, as they prepare to host The Curve Fashion Festival 2016 in Liverpool, they’ve opened up to Mail Online about the secrets behind their style and self-assurance.

    Sandra said that being on screen has changed her view of her size 26-28 frame, explaining, ‘Yes a bit because everyone thinks I’ve lost weight but I’m still the same 26-28!’

    ‘Sometimes some clothes make me look bigger or smaller and the camera adds pounds so people always think I’ve changed but I’m just the same. I’d like a bigger bum – mines flat – I’d love a bigger booty so I could do some twerking.’

    However, whilst she’s proud of her body, Sandra added that she had been trying to make positive eating choices for the sake of her health.

    ‘I’m trying to get healthier and start cooking and eating more salad but with everything on the side. It’s not about getting slimmer its about getting healthy and making sure my heart isn’t clogged up with fatty foods. Less fried stuff, I still have my egg and bacon every morning though!’

    Unlike Sandra, best friend Sandi says that being on TV hasn’t changed her perception: ‘No, I’m the same person I was in the beginning. I’ve always had confidence and I’m not shy.’

    When asked if there was anything she would change about her figure, Sandi said, ‘My stomach – I really need to do bit more exercise – I’m working on it. I think most women feel their stomach is a problem.’

    If the girls were to offer any advice to young girls struggling with their confidence levels, they said that they’d encourage them to celebrate their own brand of beauty.

    ‘Be yourself and be proud of what you got. Don’t look at skinny models and think that’s the only form of beauty. Be proud of what you are, don’t hide behind a curtain. Come forward and shine. Happiness is the best form of beauty,’ said Sandi.

    Sandra agreed, ‘Be yourself – God gave you your body – enjoy it. Don’t follow no one – follow your own path and enjoy it. I’m very comfortable with my body and always have been – I love my look.’

    ‘I look at photos from years ago and I look good then and I look good now. Don’t waste time trying to be something you’re not.’