Sauces: the best and worst revealed

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  • Whether it's a splash of ketchup, lashings of brown sauce, or a dip of sweet chilli, find out how healthy (or not!) your favourite is...

    Sauces. There’s one for everyone isn’t there? Whether it’s a humble splash of ketchup on your fish and chips, lashings of brown sauce on your bacon, or a posh pot of sweet chilli dipping sauce, everyone has a favourite.

    But have you ever stopped to think how many extra calories you might be adding to your already calorific meal, just with a dollop of your fave sauce?

    We’ve taken a look at 14 of the most popular sauces, like tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, Reggae Reggae sauce, mustard and plenty of other of the nation’s favourites to see where they stand in the health stakes.

    Who could have ever predicted that some of these sauces could be so unhealthy? Click through our gallery to sort through the healthy sauces from the not-so-healthy.

    We’ve looked at the calorie content, sugar, fat and salt content in each sauce per 100 grams, to reveal which are the healthy sauces., so you can be smarter about which sauce you chose to add to your meal.

    Plus keep an eye out for the culprit that contains over 10 teaspoons of sugar, in every 100 grams – shocking!

    Which of these sauces is your favourite? Did the results shock you? Let us know in our comments section below…