Should you plan your funeral now?

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  • No one likes to think about their own funeral when you’ve got so many exciting things planned for your future, but you’re not on your own. Despite the uncomfortable reality that death comes to us all, almost half of all adults in the UK (45%) duck the issue.*

    From thinking about how and where you’d like your funeral to take place to making sure there’s money set aside to cover the costs, if you don’t start putting arrangements in place soon, the burden will end up falling on your loved ones. So, if it’s a subject you’ve been putting to the back of your mind, here’s what you need to consider…

    Make time to talk

    Those who have experienced arranging a funeral say that the deceased’s wishes were their most important consideration. So start by deciding who you’d like to arrange your funeral – and let them know. Whether it’s your spouse, partner, grown-up children or best friend, be sure to sit down with them and discuss what you’d really like to happen when the time comes.

    Pick what’s right for you

    Surprisingly, chatting about how you’d like to be remembered can be very life-affirming. Do you want a burial or cremation, or a religious, humanist or alternative aspect to your service and where would you like it to be held? There are some amazing options, from eco-friendly coffins made of willow or felt to having your ashes scattered in a firework. Who wouldn’t want to go out with a bang? Talk through the music you’d like and your favourite poems or passages – and who might read them.

    Work out a budget

    The average UK send-off costs upwards of around £4,000, which is a lot to find quickly at a time when your loved ones are grieving your loss and dealing with other arrangements. A recent survey by British Seniors Insurance Agency (BSIA) found that 44% of people had resorted to a credit card to pay funeral expenses, while others had taken out expensive payday loans.*

    Put provision in place

    To avoid this, BSIA offers a Guaranteed Over 50s Life Insurance product, which pays a lump sum to your loved ones in the event of your death.** What’s special about this policy is that it comes with a Lifetime Payback Guarantee™ so either the lump sum or the premiums you’ve paid in – whichever sum is greater – will be paid out. You can get cover from £2,000 to £20,000, with cover starting from as little as £6.47 per month.**

    Peace of mind

    By making sure your funeral arrangements are in place, after your death, your lasting legacy will be of someone who cared enough to spare their loved ones unnecessary worry and stress. That’s a nice thought to carry with you as you get on enjoying the rest of your life. So don’t put it off – arrange cover with British Seniors Insurance on 0800 995 1001 or online at It’s easy and takes just minutes to set up, plus you’ll get a legal will kit with your new policy to help plan your final wishes.