Smart Glamour’s #I’mFlattered campaign is challenging fashion rules in the best way

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  • An American clothing brand is challenging conventional perceptions of beauty with a groundbreaking photo series.

    Smart Glamour, a New York-based brand which provides ‘customisable fashion for all’ (with sizes ranging from an XXS to a 6X), shared a series of thought-provoking images on their Facebook page. The photos depict women in the outfits that the fashion world has always told them they shouldn’t wear – and looking amazing anyway.

    The ‘rules’ being broken vary from plus-size women wearing patterns, to whether or not your shoulders can get away with a halterneck, to women of a certain age not wearing relatively tight or short clothing.

    Each picture in the collection features a woman who has been previously told she can’t wear the look she’s chosen, therefore proving the futility of boundaries that prevent you from wearing whatever the heck you want.

    In a blog post on the company website, staff member Mallorie explains the thought process behind the campaign.

    ‘I asked women of all sizes, shapes, ages, and ethnicity if there was ever a time (or times) when a stranger or loved one concluded they were the expert on their body and presentation – and decided to voice it,’ she writes.

    ‘Tons upon tons of responses rolled in. I decided to invite some of these women to tell their stories, hand making them the exact kind of garment they were advised against wearing – not just to prove these “experts” wrong – but to show that their bodies are up to them, and them alone.’

    ‘And the only person that matters in the question of whether or not you’re “flattered” – is you.’

    ‘After all – the actual definition of flattering is “pleasing; gratifying” – and if someone is pleased with themselves – why would you want to screw that up?’

    Is there an item of clothing you feel you can’t wear? Will Smart Glamour’s campaign encourage you to break out of your comfort zone? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.