Stacey Solomon divides Loose Women viewers by showing off her body hair live on air

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  • Stacey Solomon has divided viewers of ITV’s Loose Women by showing off her hairy legs and armpits, which she hasn’t shaved for the whole of November.

    Inspired by the show’s Ditch it for December campaign, which encouraged Stacey and her fellow panellists to give something up for the 11th month of the year, Stacey has put down the razor and grown in her body hair for the last 30 days.

    Proudly showing off the results of her experiment, some of which she even adorned with glitter, she said: ‘I did actually vajazzle my hairs because I got so excited. They’re very long!’

    Whilst mum-of-two Stacey appeared pleased with her newly-sprouted strands, she admitted that she knew not everyone would be such a fan.

    ‘I’ve had so many comments like: “My god woman shave your legs.” It’s so funny how people are so horrified,’ she added. ‘The anger is just remarkable.’

    And just as she predicted, Stacey’s big reveal seriously split audience members, with some declaring that her decision was ‘just too far.’

    ‘I like Stacey Solomon but the hairy pits and legs is just too far #LooseWomen,’ one Twitter user posted after watching the show, whilst another said: ‘Just no!! No woman should receive praise for that. She’ll be wearing sandals with socks next.’

    Others, however, were much more complimentary, with several women confessing to having similar growth themselves.

    ‘Good for you Stacey! I’m the same – hair keeps the body warm. My advice, just wear black thick tights and be even warmer lol! #bodyhair’ one advised the star.

    ‘Fair play girl getting your hairy legs out today you were sooo funny & down to earth say it how it how it is,’ another agreed, whilst a third posted: ‘Respect to @StaceySolomon for growing her body hair (covering it in glitteršŸ˜) & showing it to the Nation. Women should have a choice #DitchitDecember’.

    What do you think? Do you shave your legs and armpits religiously, or are you comfortable with your body hair? Let us know in the comment section below!