Strictly Come Dancing stars release Fitsteps DVD (and goodtoknow tested it!)

Dance your way to feeling slimmer and trimmer in 2015 with a fitness DVD we can vouch for! Ladies, introducing Fitsteps...

Feeling a little bloated from the annual Christmas eating extravaganza? Us too, which is why we were delighted when we heard the stars of one of our favourite TV shows, Strictly Come Dancing, were launching a brand new fitness DVD, Fitsteps, to help shift the Christmas weight and start the New Year with a bang.

When goodtoknow's Anna (second from left) and Shannon (second from right) met the Fitsteps stars!

Fitsteps is the brain child of Mark Foster, a former five-time world champion swimmer and Strictly competitor, Ian Waithe and Natalie Lowe, both of whom you'll recognise from Strictly as dancing professionals.

So what is Fitsteps?

Fitsteps features 10 unique dance workouts that promise to burn up to 700 calories in just 40 minutes (and believe us, you will!).

Mark explained the inspiration behind the workout, saying 'Some people don't like biking or the gym and we've all seen how popular Strictly is - people love to dance. So why not give them a dance programme?'

The fun dance workout took 'a year to develop' according to Ian, and Natalie says you can 'learn the basic core fundamentals of what you see on a Saturday night'.

Can anyone do it?

So far, so good, but can any of us folk who don't dance do it? Well the answer is yes! Ian says, 'If you've never danced ballroom before, it's a great way to introduce yourself to it from your own home... it's all about doing it in your own time and by yourself.

'The DVD is devised in 20 minute workouts, both low and high intensity.'

As Natalie puts it, when it comes to exercise, 'Something is better than nothing. You've gotta move it to lose it!

'Everybody wants to learn how to waltz, cha-cha or American Smooth and what better way to get everybody moving?'

And the best part about Fitsteps? If you only find yourself with a spare 10 minutes, you can easily choose the low/high intensity warm up or cool down as your exercise for the day.

Ian, Natalie and Mark's 3 failsafe fitness tips

Mark believes in 'choosing something fun, moving your body and using your mind to learn a new skill.' As for Ian and Natalie, they believe the key is to 'dance yourself fit' and we couldn't think of a better way ourselves.

Check out the full interview above for more hints and tips.

Fitsteps is available from the 26th December from Amazon and all major supermarkets.


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