Social media goes mad for 'rude' Valentine's Day signs found in Tesco

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day may usually mean flowers and chocolates, but not for Tesco.

While traditionally the yearly day dedicated to love is prime time for classic gifts like a nice box of chocolates or a pretty bouquet of flowers, Tesco, or perhaps some naughty customers, tried to give romance a sexy new spin.

A few 'Ideal for Valentine's' tags next to selected products in the shops highlighted to customers products that could be helpful for Valentine's Day, or that they would enjoy sharing with a loved one, but there was no Prosecco bottle in sight.

Pictures have been circulating on social media of some of the products suggested in Tesco stores, and they're definitely straying from good old Cadbury Roses as a Valentine's pressie for your other half.

In one of the photos, the 'Ideal for Valentine's' is placed next to a whipped cream bottle - very naughty.

Another shows a suggestion to buy condoms for Valentine's Day, and photos of the tag have also come up next to Johnson's baby oil.

But probably the oddest - and funniest - of all is this one.

Cucumbers? Really, Tesco?

The photos were shared on Facebook, and people were quick to remark on Tesco's humour, leading many to believe it must have been a funny stunt from the supermarket chain.

Bill Williams, referring to the bottles of milk that can be seen under the whipped cream, said: 'I can't see Mrs W being too pleased with a bottle of Cravendale for Valentine's, but I'll try anything once.'

Julie Lachtay also commented: 'I have new found respect for Tesco. Of course they could have just been suggesting desert!'

Perhaps it was Tesco's intentions for this campaign to be completely innocent, and some customers decided to have a little fun. After all, how hard would it be to misplace a tag in a busy supermarket?

Either way, the results are funny and maybe inspired a few people to try something different this Valentine's Day. Whatever that might be...

Happy Valentine's Day!


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