The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern book review

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  • What’s The Marble Collector about?

    Sabrina Boggs, standard by name standard by… well, life. But then her monotonous daily routine has an exciting bump in it which leaves her just one day to unlock secrets of her father’s life.

    This day changes her and those around her for forever.

    Left to sift through a collection of her father’s possessions she discovers that the man she’s known all her life, who picked her up when she fell down and was there for her through every moment – both happy and sad – of her childhood is now a stranger to her.

    The Marble Collector is about how ordinary decisions can have an extraordinary consequence for how we live our lives, and it’s only by focusing on someone else, that you can truly get to know yourself.

    goodtoknow says…

    Cecelia Ahern has been one my favourite authors for a long time and while I found this slow going – it took a while to get into – it turned into quite a thought-provoking and unusual storyline.

    The premise took me back to my childhood and watching my brothers play marbles for hours on end.

    The story is about a daughter, Sabrina who finds a valuable collection of marbles, which belong to her father – they’ve been catalogued with their description and value. It appears that some expensive marbles are missing which makes her suspicious, and Sabrina turns Columbo to find out who took the most expensive marbles.

    What I liked about The Marble Collector is that there are so many things Sabrina didn’t know about her upbringing… what else can she not know about her father Fergus?

    The story is told from two perspectives, from the father’s, Fergus and from Sabrina. I loved reading about Sabrina and her father’s Fergus life. I fell in love with the world of Sabrina and Fergus and you will too…

    Rating: 6/10
    Publisher: HarperCollins
    Publish Date: 5th November 2015