This is the most attractive accent in Britain

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  • Research from dating app Happn has revealed the most (and least) attractive accents in Britain – and it’s bad news for Brummies, but excellent news for the Irish!

    The survey, which took into account the opinions of 2,000 of their users, showed that received pronounciation (or ‘BBC English’) was deemed most attractive, followed by Northern Irish and then Scottish.

    Northern accents like Brummie and Liverpudlian, however, fared less well, topping the list of least attractive accents.

    The most attractive accents in Britain 2016

    1. Received pronounciation 2. Northern Irish 3. Scottish 4. Sloane 5. Geordie

    The least attractive accents in Britain 2016

    1. Brummie 2. Liverpudlian 3. Manchunian 4. Essex 5. West Country

    Marie Cosnard, Head of Trends at Happn, said: ‘We’re surprised that classic BBC poshness beat out the dreamy Northern Irish accent, but perhaps Americans are right to hail English accents an aphrodisiac!’

    Last year, YouGov used a net points system to reveal surprisingly similar results about our accent preferences. Southern Ireland hit their top spot, closely followed by Received Pronounciation, whilst Northern accents, including Brummie, Liverpudlian and Mancunian were again on the bottom.

    The most attractive accents in the British Isles 2015

    1. Southern Irish (42) (part of the British Isles, but not of Britain)
    2. Received Pronunciation (31)
    3. Welsh (20)
    4. Yorkshire (15)
    5. West Country (13)

    The least attractive accents in the British Isles 2015

    5. Glaswegian (-29)
    4. Cockney (London) (-30)
    3. Mancunian (-31)
    2. Liverpudlian (-33)
    1. Brummie (-53)

    The research was presented in the form of an interactive map, which highlighted key areas of attractiveness across the nation:

    However, the YouGov research was not as straightforward as you might think, as age and location were both shown to be contributing factors to which accents you find most appealing. West Country and Geordie (Newcastle) accents, for example, were most attractive to the over-60s, whilst those who live in London rated Cockney accents far more highly than counterparts who live outside of the city – an effect which is seen again with Glasweigan being favoured more in Scotland than other areas of the country.

    What’s your take on this year’s list – is the ranking spot on, or do you love a bit of Northern charm? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts!