Small things to do this year that can make a massive difference in any mum’s life

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  • Every year it’s the same story – we say we’re going to start that crazy exercise regime, ridiculous diet or just to ‘be happier’, but what if we told you there are some smaller changes that, if you decided to make and stick to, would result in a happier you for the whole year?

    There a few small changes that are totally worth every mum’s time and effort, and rather than thinking about sticking to them for a whole year, just decide to focus on one a week. These little changes could make a massive difference to your and your family’s wellbeing, so why not give them a try? Good luck! 

    1. Sleep more

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    Yes, we know, kids are infallible alarm clocks. But while they wake up early, they also go to bed early. So after their bedtime, don’t take too long to hit the sheets, for your own good. More sleep means you’ll feel less stressed the next day and more able to cope with their tantrums.

    2. Be more patient

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    This is one hundred percent easier said than done, but remember that kids are just kids and there’s no point getting too stressed about some of the little things they get up to. Follow Benedict Cumberbatch’s advice and take a deep breath whenever you feel like yelling, you’ll see how much calmer you’ll feel.

    3. Improve your family’s diet

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    We are what we eat so eating better should absolutely be one of everyone’s priorities. Teach your kids about food and cooking so they take an interest in healthy eating from a young age – see how vlogger Sarah spends quality time in the kitchen with her twins in our Kids Kitchen series.

    4. Take care of yourself

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    Mums tend to look after everyone else but themselves, putting their needs in last. But remember, you need to be at your best so you can continue to take care of the people you love. Take time to invest in yourself – be it an hour a day to read or just enough time to relax in a bubble bath (you could even turn your bathroom into a spa!). It may feel selfish at the time but it will pay off when you have a lot more energy to take on everything your family counts on you to get done.

    5. Be more active

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    Taking care of yourself also includes moving more. This doesn’t need to be at a gym, or involve any weight loss aspirations. Do it because you want to be healthier and set an example for your kids. Walks in the park, hiking, dancing around in the living room… there are lots of easy ways to exercise and everything counts!

    6. Share the load

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    Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Get your partner, family members, or friends to give you a hand, by looking after the kids for a little bit while you recover your sanity or entertaining them while you get stuff done. It’s always easier if you’re not alone!

    7. Look for the special moments

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    It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day routines and miss the little moments that really make a difference. Pay attention to your surroundings and you’ll see there’s always something great even in the worst of days, like a little tender moment between your baby and your pet. SO CUTE.

    8. Stop competing with other mums

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    Comparison is the thief of joy. This is as much a cliché as it is true, so stop comparing your life to other people’s, especially other mums. Remember you never know the full story from the outside.

    9. Capture the moments

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    Remember to save all those magical moments so you can savour them later. Get in the habit of getting photos of your kids in important occasions but also capture their happiness in the day-to-day life. Collate the pictures in photo albums and why not even getting into scrapbooking? The kids would probably love to get crafty too.

    10. Laugh more

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    Laughing has the power to completely change your day. It’s simple, it’s free and everyone can do it, so no excuse.

    11. Meet up with friends and family more

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    This is a great time to put number 6 in practice. Get someone to babysit and meet up with a friend for coffee or a meal and talk it out. Catching up with the people you love is the best way to de-stress.

    12. Care less about the mess

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    Again, just take a deep breathe. It’s not the end of the world if there’s permanent marker on the walls – it happens. Focus on the positive things, like if your kid turns out to be a Picasso, you’re sitting on a fortune.

    13. Date more

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    Make time to be romantic with your partner in crime. Get away from all the Legos, nappies and baby food, and have a special dinner now and again. You deserve it!

    14. Be more present

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    With so much technology nowadays, it’s easy to loose track of real life. Whilst capturing moments is important, wanting to Instagram your baby’s first steps might actually make you miss your baby’s first steps. Leave your phone/tablet/computer away from family life and enjoy every moment you have together. That is, before they get hooked to phones/tablets/computers.