13 amazing things you didn’t know you could do with hairspray

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  • It's time to face facts - you're not using your hairspray to its true potential.

    Yes, it keeps flyaways to a minimum, yes, it does spritz your fringe into place, and yes, it stops your curls dropping out within five seconds of the tong being removed, but that understated little can in your bathroom cabinet or on your bedside table can actually do a whole lot more than that. In fact, it can be used in almost all areas of your life (just be sure to open a window before you start spraying!)

    Whether you’re loyal to a bargain brand or your trusty can of Elnett, here are 13 amazing things that you can do with hairspray – prepare to have your mind well and truly blown…

    Tackle stains

    woman on grass

    If you’re struggling with a stain that just won’t budge, try dabbing at it with a cloth coated in hairspray, and it should start to loosen. It’s particularly good on ink and make-up stains like lipstick – simply apply, leave to work its magic for a few minutes, then wash as normal.

    Hairspray is also perfect for removing grass stains. As picnic season is on the horizon, this is a cleaning hack we all need! Simply soak the item of clothing in cold water and then spray the hairspray on the stain. Pop it in the washing machine as normal and the hairspray will have worked its magic!

    Get rid of static

    Tired of your clothes clinging to you in the most unflattering of ways? A quick spritz of hairspray can elimate static – simply apply to the affected area and flounce away, cling free!

    Stop shoes rubbing

    rubbing shoes

    If, like us, you’re the proud owner of a pair of shoes you simply can’t wear because they’re so ridiculously uncomfortable, spray a small amount of hairspray onto the parts of the shoes that rub (usually around the toe and heel). It provides a little bit of grip that makes your feet move less, therefore reducing that painful friction.

    Hold runs in tights

    tights ladder

    Laddered tights are a sad inevitability, but you can stop the runs from spreading. A blast of hairspray will strengthen the threads and prevent them from spreading further along your leg.

    Set make up (in emergencies only!)

    set makeup hairspray

    Disclaimer: for your skin’s sake, this is NOT something you should do daily. However, in an absolute pinch where you need your make up to stay in place (think weddings, job interviews or anything equally as rare yet crucial), spraying your face with a light mist of hairspray will stop foundation melting and mascara ending up halfway down your cheek.

    Make flowers last longer

    fresh flowers

    Fresh flowers are a lovely treat, but they’re over all too quickly! Extend the life of yours by spritzing a gentle layer of hairspray over the petals and leaves, and allowing them to dry before returning to a vase.

    Remove pet hair from fabric

    pet hair

    Lint roller not cutting it? Hairspray might! Apply some to a dry paper towel and gently dab the area you’re looking to de-hair – the hairspray makes the paper sticky and lifts away the gifts that Fido and Fluffy have left behind. It will work just as well for your sofas as it will for your clothes – just be sure to rinse the residue off furniture with warm soapy water.

    Preserve the kids’ drawings

    child's drawing

    Chalk and other dry materials like charcoal are notoriously smudgy – but once your mini Picassos have finished their masterpieces, if you spray them with hairspray and leave to dry, they’ll be well and truly set, and you can display them on the fridge without the fear of becoming a human rainbow at any moment.

    Get rid of bugs

    bugs in home

    Believe it or not, hairspray is actually less toxic than generic bug spray, but still surprisingly effective. Use it in the same way to keep your house free of unwanted visitors.


    Take off nail varnish

    removing nailvarnish

    It’s not quite as quick and simple as your usual remover, but if you’re caught out and can’t get to the shops, hairspray will shift the chipped, tired old polish you’ve been meaning to change for days. Spray directly onto nails and then rub with a paper towel, working quickly enough to ensure that the hairspray doesn’t dry. You’ll need to repeat the process a few times, but it does work!

    Spritz away sticky labels

    new glass sticker

    And not just stickers that the kids put everywhere – hairspray is also really good at tackling those price label marks that are often left behind on new glass or plastic household goods. Spray it on and you should find the sticky area a lot easier to peel – just ensure you rinse any residue off thoroughly afterwards.

    Stiffen a zipper

    jeans zip

    Zippers that are constantly falling down get really annoying, really quickly. Fix them with – you’ve guessed it – hairspray! You’ll have to reapply every time you wash your jeans or other offending item, but it will help to keep the loose teeth in place.

    Thread a needle

    thread a needle

    Sewers, rejoice! A quick blast of hairspray on the end of an especially tricky thread will alleviate fraying and help it to slip through the eye of a needle with ease. Now, hands up who’s off to Boots to stock up?

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