This trick could stop kids getting the back-to-school flu

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  • For kids and parents alike, going back to school has it challenges.

    So, the last thing any parent needs is for one of the kids to start showing flu symptoms, and then swiftly end up infecting the whole family.

    Kleenex and Strepsils all around is not the best way to kick off a school year.

    And no matter how many medicines and home remedies for colds you try, it can still feel like a struggle.

    Well it turns out there might be a nifty little trick to avoid the back-to-school germs that seem to penetrate the house year after year.

    It could all come down to your children’s bath time.

    Flu prevention – how does this tip work?

    A medical professional has advised parents that changing bath time could be the key to avoiding the flu.

    Pharmacist Shamir Patel has said to parents that, rather than getting the kids in the bath to wind down for bedtime, you should get them to wash as soon as they’re home from school.

    In an effort to reduce back-to-school illnesses in children, the UK pharmacist and father-of-three says that, in washing away all the bugs and germs that children pick up from the classroom as soon as they get home, you’ll not only reduce infection in your children but will also help prevent the bugs from spreading to the rest of the house.

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    Shamir, who founded medical website, says that the longer viruses linger on the skin or clothing the more the germs will spread and infect others.

    Cold-causing viruses can survive on household surfaces for up to six hours, and on the clothes for up to an hour, so by getting the kids out of their uniform and all cleaned up as soon as they get in, you’ll dramatically reduce the number of germs spreading around the house.

    Extra tip? Try and wash clothes at 60C, or with an antibacterial detergent if you don’t want to ruin the clothes, to try and reduce germs contaminating the house.

    And get the little ones under the age of nine booked in for free flu vaccinations too.

    With this news you might even be able to give the Vicks a miss this year.

    Here’s hoping!

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