Victoria Beckham reportedly chews coffee beans to stop herself drinking alcohol

Apparently the new habit has left son Brooklyn less than impressed...

It's a well-known fact of life that parents were put on this earth to embarrass their children, but it seems that Victoria Beckham may have taken things a bit too far for her son Brooklyn's likes this time.

It's been reported that the former Spice Girl turned fashion designer has found a brand new way to curb her cravings and side-step the possibility of having a hangover after a night out – but Brooklyn is less than impressed with her discovery.

Apparently, instead of drinking when she goes out in the evenings, Victoria has started swapping cocktails for coffee beans, and instead of sipping on a drink while out, she will chew coffee beans instead.

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It has been alleged that Victoria hates having a hangover, so will only let her hair down and allow herself a drink or two on very special occasion. Her new hangover-avoiding hack, as reported by The Sun, is her way of sticking to her plan.

However, it seems that her eldest son Brooklyn, 18, isn't keen on his mum's latest habit. A source told the same paper: 'Brooklyn really isn't a fan. In fact, he's pretty disgusted by it.'

Brooklyn recently moved out of the family home in London and relocated to New York to attend university there and study photography. Victoria shared a snap of her boys reunited over dinner recently, clearly delighted to have all of her children at home together for a short time.

'Harper has all her big brothers back!! We are so happy!' she captioned the snap.

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The revelation about Victoria's coffee bean trick isn't the first health hack used by the mum-of-four to garner attention from her fans. The 43-year-old raised eyebrows recently when she revealed she gives her children mixed seeds doused in organic Aminos - a gluten-free replacement for soy sauce – as a healthy after school snack.

She's also confessed in the past that she starts her day by drinking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to kick start her metabolism. Apple cider vinegar is also said to be good for lowering blood pressure and stopping acid reflux.


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