Weight Watchers confuses fans by dropping ‘weight’ from its name

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  • Weight Watchers has rebranded to WW and dropped 'weight' from its name but the company hasn't confirmed what WW stands for, if anything...

    Weight Watchers is one of the most popular weight loss plans in the country and it has a very strong following.

    It was first set up in New York in 1963 and after 55 years, the company have decided to rebrand, ditching the word ‘weight’ from its name.

    The company want its new name ‘WW’ to reflect its development and shifted focus away from just losing weight to overall health and wellness.

    If you’re wondering what WW stands for now that Weight Watchers has lost ‘weight’, it seems the chief executive still isn’t quite sure either.

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    The Weight Watchers slogan is ‘Wellness that Works’ but Mindy Grossman, chief executive for WW, explained that WW does not stand for ‘Wellness that Works’ or ‘Weight Watchers’.

    Mindy said the letters WW were ‘a marque’ that represent the company’s heritage, history and how they’re going forward.

    On Twitter the WW account unveiled its new name with the following message: ‘Weight Watchers is now WW. We have a mission: to inspire healthy habits for real life—for everyone. We’ll always be the global leader in weight loss. Now we’re becoming the world’s partner in wellness. #WellnessThatWorks’.

    In January it was revealed that DJ Khaled had signed up as a social media ambassador and Oprah Winfrey has been a very public supporter of the company.

    In 2015 she bought a stake in Weight Watchers and was ahead of the time when  she stressed that the company’s role ‘goes far beyond a number on the scale’.

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