This GENIUS peanut butter hack can protect your dog against Alabama rot

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  • Keeping your dog clean is essential as it prevents them from contracting any nasty diseases or infections that could be picked up during walks - including the deadly Alabama rot.

    An outbreak of Alabama rot was confirmed in the UK last year, and pet owners were advised to look out for symptoms such as lesions on the mouth, tongue and lower limb.

    According to The Kennel Club, it’s important to wash dogs if they’ve been walking in muddy or wet conditions. The exact cause is not known but it is thought that dogs could pick it up in muddy areas.

    However, many of them are reluctant to have a bath and would much rather roll around in the dirt and have fun. However, there’s actually a hack to help keep your dog occupied whilst you give them a wash.

    Taking to Twitter, journalist and pet-owner Katie Glass showed how easy it is to try out the ‘peanut butter hack’ at home.

    She wrote, ‘I tried the ‘peanut butter on the tiles’ dog-bathtime-hack and it works! Looks pretty gross but that was the least-stressful wash we’ve ever had.’

    We all know that food is a great way to bribe your pets (and anyone really!), so it’s no surprise that dogs are becoming distracted by a bit of peanut butter smeared on the bathroom tiles.

    This makes it so much easier to wash and rinse them without them fidgeting and shaking water all over you, which a nightmare for many owners!

    It was originally shared to the subreddit Life Hacks, where fellow users were keen to try it out for themselves.

    One wrote, ‘I must try this… like today. My dog thinks showering is playtime, so trying to soap him up while he´s gnawing on my arm is… interesting.’

    Another added, ‘This may be just what I need to get my pooch in the tub! He hates baths but loves peanut butter. This might be the encouragement he needs to cooperate.’

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