‘It’s awful for the children’s dignity’ Mum criticises school after their toilet policy left her daughter hospitalised

The policy has been criticised by one concerned mum.
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  • A mum from Cardiff hit out at her daughter’s primary school after her daughter was ‘too scared’ to use the toilet due to their toilet roll policy.

    Fahmin Khanum claimed that her daughter was hospitalised with severe constipation after her school’s strict toilet roll policy left her too anxious to go to the toilet.

    Speaking to Wales Online, she added that her daughter suffered with such bad anxiety, that she couldn’t relieve herself when she needed to.

    This is a result of a primary school’s decision to not include toilet paper in the cubicles. Instead, children must take what they think they need into the cubicles with them, from a single tissue dispenser in the public area.

    The publication reported that if the children, who are aged between four and eleven, need more paper, then they have to go out and fetch more.

    Fahmin said that some children have soiled themselves and some are too scared to relieve themselves properly.

    Her four-year-old daughter was admitted to the University Hospital of Wales for three days, after suffering agonising stomach pains which were eventually discovered to be severe constipation.

    “She was not clearing her bowels properly in school because of the toilet paper policy,” said concerned mum Fahmin. “It was a traumatic experience.”

    She added, “My daughter is quite independent from going to day nurseries before starting school in September and she was potty trained at two and half and had not had problems before.”


    Pupils at the Wales school are only allowed to take a handful of toilet paper into the cubicle (Credit: Getty Images)

    Fahmin was not aware of the school’s toilet paper policy until a meeting during parents’ evening. She explained, “At parents’ evening I went to the toilet and there was a single tissue dispenser and my daughter counted out five sheets and went to the toilet. There are no tissue dispensers in the cubicles.

    “I spoke to the head teacher and she told me it was so that children don’t block the toilets using too much toilet paper.”

    She came to the conclusion that this was the reason her daughter ended up severely constipated, adding, “My daughter was not clearing her bowels properly in school because of the toilet paper policy. This caused her to end up in hospital 100 per cent.”

    As a result of this, Fahmin’s daughter is becoming anxious to use the toilet at home, and has soiled herself at school because she didn’t take enough paper into the cubicle with her the first time.

    She said, “Last Monday when I went to collect my daughter the teacher told me she had soiled herself.

    “You can imagine you run out of toilet paper and you know you might need to take your pants down and go to the public area and go back in, or pull you pants back up and soil yourself going out to get more paper.

    “This is what happened to my daughter and she then had to go and tell a teacher in front of other children that she had soiled herself.”

    Fahmin concluded, “This is not just about my daughter, it’s about all the children.

    “It’s a health and safety issue impacting on children’s welfare and it’s awful for the children’s dignity”

    Following this complaint, a spokesperson from the school told Wales Online, “We have reviewed our policy and will soon be installing dispensers in all our cubicles.

    “We will be contacting parents shortly to let them know of the change.”

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