Study reveals the bedtime habit that can improve children’s mental health

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  • We all want to help our children’s mental health, and one study has highlighted the sleeping habit that can have long-term benefits.

    If you lie with your children until they fall asleep, experts claim this can be good for their mental health.

    Professor Krauss Whitbourne, from the University of Massachusetts Amherst has highlighted the benefits of this, which is known as attachment parenting.

    It involves having close physical contact with your baby which can include co-sleeping, breastfeeding, and wearing your child in a harness or sling.

    Whilst parents have different styles, Professor Whitbourne claims attachment parenting can help children be more successful later in life.

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    Writing in Psychology Today, she said, “When you separate the popular exaggerations of AP from the more objectively oriented scientific studies, it’s a sensible approach that fosters physical and psychological health in children.

    Professor Whitbourne added, “We do know from extensive research … that securely attached adults have happier and less conflict-ridden lives. There’s even research to suggest they may be better parents themselves.”

    Another study has backed up these claims, conducted by Harvard Medical School in 2010.

    Patrice Marie Miller and Michael Lamport Commons listed the benefits of their study, which included less exposure to stress and reduced mental health problems.

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    It also helped children respond better to stress later in life.

    They added, “Another important psychological benefit is secure attachment, which is the tendency of the child to seek contact with a parent when distressed and to be effectively consoled by that contact.

    “The result of more effective emotion regulation and secure attachment… is that children engage more effectively with essential developmental tasks, including peer relationships and schooling.”

    One way to help your children with mental health is through mindfulness.

    In fact, CBeebies recently launched a new game to encourage youngsters to be more mindful.

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