‘It is disgusting behaviour’ Size 12 woman slams H&M over sizing

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  • A size 12 woman who had to go up to size 20 in H&M has hit out at the retailer for sending a ‘disgusting’ message to girls.

    Marianne Gray, from Glasgow, revealed in a Facebook post that she was ‘utterly horrified’ by her experience. Although usually a size 12, when Marianne went to try on a navy blue dress from the Swedish retailer she found it didn’t fit.

    The 29 year old goes on to explain that she returned to the store and tried on sizes 14 and 16, but they also didn’t fit.

    ‘I am utterly horrified by what happened in your store today. I bought a lovely navy dress in a size 12, as I normally am a 12. I tried it on this morning at home and could barely get it passed my KNEES.

    ‘I went back and picked up a 14 – and a 16 just in case. I almost had a meltdown in your changing room when NEITHER came close’, she wrote.

    Marianne Gray

    EDIT: (Essay Alert) A quick FYI to some of the comments. I used to be a size 18, so body shaming was not my intention in the slightest and I accept responsibility if that’s how it came across, but…

    Marianne then decided to try a size 18, but they didn’t have one in store so tried a size 20 ‘expecting it to be huge’.

    ‘I asked my boyfriend to get me an 18, almost not believing what I was asking. There was none, but not really knowing women’s sizes he came back with a UK size 20.

    ‘Not wanting to let the dress go I tried it on, expecting it to be huge – it wasn’t, in fact it was an almost perfect fit.’

    In the post that’s now been shared over 700 times, Marianne blasts H&M for sending an ‘irresponsible’ message to girls.

    Marianne explained that having to shop a much bigger size than what she normally wears upset her, so she could only imagine the effect this could have on a ‘young impressionable girl’, and brands their behaviour as ‘disgusting’.

    ‘Now I am relatively secure in my body, but I can only imagine the psychological impact being a size 20 could have on a young impressionable girl. I was quite upset myself!

    ‘I am a 12 and you made me a 20. I have never seen such irresponsibility in this day and age. I am ashamed of you, horrified by you and will not be shopping in H&M again unless this is resolved.

    ‘I know your excuse will be that your sizes vary – perhaps you should take measurements of individual items and label them differently. That dress IS NOT a UK 20.

    ‘Do not blame manufacturers for your issues, it is YOUR company who label these items and it is YOUR company who clearly has issues with everyday women wearing your clothes. It is disgusting behaviour on your part. You should be ashamed of yourselves.’

    The post proved controversial, with some women commenting on Marianne’s post to agree with the 29 year old, while others said it was not a real issue, just ‘mildly inconvenient’.

    ‘This isn’t just a moan about her having difficulty getting the dress to fit, it’s about how the shop’s sizing/labelling can affect someone with self esteem issues or body dysmorphia, for example’, one wrote.

    ‘These things can really affect people there should be far more standardised sizing in shops . This could have been a young teenager shopping with her friends and this could have done genuine long term damage to her self esteem’, another said.

    ‘It’s probably just the wrong label inside, I’ve had that a few times in h&m. It’s hardly horrifying. Young girls being sold into sex slavery is horrifying, this is mildly inconvenient’, one woman wrote under Marianne’s message to H&M.

    Another said: ‘There are so many more serious things to occupy one’s time rather than a rant about a cheap clothing store though.’

    A spokesperson for H&M told Mail Online: ‘At H&M we hugely value all customer feedback. H&M sizes are the same across all the 64 markets in which we operate and online.

    ‘We work with our own in-house sizing department to ensure size and fit on all collections however the fit of a garment may vary depending on style, cut and fabric.’

    What do you think of sizing issues like this – mild inconvenience or a serious problem? Let us know in the comments!