‘It’s all the rage’ Amy Childs reveals plans to turn placenta into pills

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  • Amy Childs has revealed that she’s considering turning her placenta into edible pills once her baby is born.

    The TOWIE star’s first child isn’t due until May, but Amy has already spoken out about her plans to take placenta pills once her little one is born.

    Writing in her column for New! magazine, the 26 year old explained how the new health trend is ‘all the rage’ and that she would be following in the footsteps of celebrities such as Coleen Rooney and Kim Kardashian.

    ‘So, call me mad but I’m thinking of turning my placenta into pills.

    ‘Apparently it’s all the rage and celebs like Coleen Rooney and Kim Kardashian took them after they gave birth.’

    ‘It’s all very clever – they take all the nutrients out of your placenta once it’s out, turn it into pills, and then you just take them with water like a vitamin!’

    The business woman and model is careful to do her own research before committing to anything, claiming that she will find out exactly how the transformation from organ to pill works.

    ‘It’s better than cooking and eating it. Ugh, no way would I do that. I still need to properly look into how it all works – like, where do they take the placenta and when do they make the pills? – but I think I’m going to try it.’

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    The placenta is responsible for the supply of oxygen for your baby as well as passing on nutrients and vitamins to ensure they are growing to be healthy and strong.

    It’s not actually a new concept to eat the placenta, but in recent years the practise has gained a lot more media attention after celebrities have spoken out about its healing properties.

    By eating your placenta you benefit from the rich stores of iron, vitamin B6, stem cells and oxytocin which are said to boost breast milk production, and even help to balance hormone levels and combat post-natal depression.

    Amy will share her firstborn with builder boyfriend Bradley Wright, 25.

    Would you or have you turned your placenta into pills? Tell us in the comment box!

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